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Alan G. Ross Award for Writing Excellence


A_Ross_smaller.jpgThe fmi*igf Journal is an important part of the vision of the fmi*igf and provides a forum for sharing best practices in managing public sector resources. The purpose of this award is to recognize the author of the best article published in the fmi*igf journal each fiscal year.


The Alan G. Ross Award for Writing Excellence was created in 1979 for the best article in financial management appearing in the fmi*igf Journal, in recognition of Alan G. Ross, the first president of the modern fmi*igf organization in 1976. Alan G. Ross spent 31 years in the Federal Public Service in various positions including Director, Financial Policy Development, Treasury Board; Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Management, Agriculture Canada; and Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Supply and Services Canada. Alan G. Ross is a federal public servant who made a difference, having spent his career contributing to the enhancement of financial management in the public sector.



The author of any feature column or article published in the fmi*igf Journal during the fiscal year, will be eligible. (Exceptions: current Journal Editor and Assistant Editor)


The article should promote and further the values of the fmi*igf and will be selected in accordance with the following rating criteria (see Appendix for sample rating table):

  • involve sharing of experiences, information and best practices and applicable to more than one segment of the public sector (federal, provincial and/or municipal);
  • address an area or perspective of the current issues, challenges and best practices in public sector resource management;
  • further the development of best practices in public sector resource management (i.e., focus on the application of modern techniques);
  • present original thoughtful, well-researched perspectives on the issue covered; and
  • be written in a professional manner (limited editorial intervention).

Number to be Awarded

One award per year.

Details of Award

  • Award recipient selected by September 30 annually;
  • Award Plaque noting "Alan G. Ross Award for Writing Excellence" and "fmi*igf Journal", fiscal year, and date of award, presented during PD Week each year;
  • Complimentary registration and reasonable expenses to attend the PD Week; and,
  • Public Recognition, including announcements in fmi*igf Journal, news release, and fmi*igf website.

Award Committee

The award committee will be comprised of five members as follows:

  • the fmi*igf National Past President;
  • two current or former members of the fmi*igf National Board; and,
  • two members of the fmi*igf.

Alan G. Ross Award Winners

Year Name Article
2015 Bryce Swerhun "Is High Public Sector Unionization a Problem for the Labour Movement?"
(fmi*igf e-Journal - March 2015)
2014 Andrew Graham "What is Financial Literacy for the Public Manager? The Answer is A Two-Way Street"
(fmi*igf Journal - Autumn 2013)
2013 J. Bailey Church "The Real Implications of Downsizing on Government Finance Functions"
(fmi*igf Journal - Winter 2013)
2012 Thomas Mengel
High Potential Can Be Deceiving - Using the Reiss Motivational Profile® in HR and Leadership Development"
(fmi*igf Journal - Spring/Summer 2012)
2011 Ward Roofthooft MOTIVATION "The Constitution of Working People"
(fmi*igf Journal - Spring/Summer 2011)
2010 Chris Jones "From Strategy to Execution - Delivering on the CEO's Promises"
(fmi*igf Journal - Autumn 2010)
2009 François Brouard "Strategic Intelligence - Also Useful in the Public Service: Part 2: Collection & Protection Cycles"
(fmi*igf Journal - Spring/Summer 2009)
2008 Michael Lionais "Qualifying Financial Risk"
(fmi*igf Journal - Spring/Summer 2008)
2007 Peter Aucoin "After the Federal Accountability Act: Is the Accountability Problem in the Government of Canada Fixed?"
(fmi*igf Journal - Winter 2007)
2006 Hendrik Siré "Does Your Organization Need Integrated Investment Planning?"
(fmi*igf Journal - Winter 2006)
2005 Rocky J. Dwyer "Utilizing Points of Differentiation to Enhance: Competitiveness and Growth - Some Thoughts for Consideration"
(fmi*igf Journal - Spring/Summer 2005)
2004 Michael Lionais "Rechecking the Defences - Assessing Financial Risk at DND"
(fmi*igf Journal - Spring/Summer 2004)
2003 Merge Gupta-Sunderji "Employee Retention & Turnover - The Real Reasons Employees Stay or Go"
(fmi*igf Journal - Winter 2004)
2002 Beth James "Performance Management- The British Columbia Context Focusing on Results"
(fmi*igf Journal - Winter 2003)
2001 Joanne Kelly "Accrual-based Budgeting in Australia"
(fmi*igf Journal - Spring/Summer 2001)
2000 Alan Creech "British Columbia's Evolution to Full Accrual Accounting"
(fmi*igf Journal - Winter 2001)
1999 Philippe Roy "Knowledge, Skills, Competencies, Innovation: Your Challenge in the Context of the Federal Government's New Comptrollership Policy"
(fmi*igf Journal - Winter 1999)
1998 Michael Weir "Federal Comptrollership - The Modernization Challenge"
(fmi*igf Journal - Winter 1998)