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Financial Management Institute Award


RecipientsHonorary Life Membership


The purpose of this award is to: 

  1. encourage increased interest, growth, development and distinctive leadership in the field of financial management; and
  2. confer national recognition on individuals who have demonstrated outstanding  leadership and notable contributions to financial management in  government (federal, provincial or municipal);



Outstanding leadership should have been sustained over a period of years and been  demonstrated both on the job and by a significant contribution to the  profession. Factors to be considered are: 

  1. innovative thinking;
  2. notable authorship;
  3. creative research;
  4. exceptional efficiency;
  5. marked  initiative that has resulted in important savings or effectiveness in  the use of money, time, materiel, personnel, or equipment; and
  6. distinctive activity which is evidenced by an outstanding degree of professionalism.


Nominees  need not be members of the Financial Management Institute but must have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the financial management  community.

Type and Frequency

Plaque to be presented at PD Week; invitation to annual President's Reception held during PD Week.

Number to be Awarded

Maximum of one award per year.

Award Selection Committee

Four member committee: the President will serve as chairperson and will select one Past President and two members from the fmi*igf Board of  Directors.


Nominations may be made by Chapters or by individual fmi*igf members. The nominations should be accompanied by a complete description of the service for which the award is recommended and it should cite specific, recognizable actions or products rather than opinions or conclusions.

Nominations should be sent to:

fmi*igf Awards Program
Financial Management Institute of Canada
200 Elgin Street, Suite 1107
Ottawa, Ontario  K2P 1L5

Format of Nomination Submission

Biographical Sketch of Nominee

The nomination should include the nominee's name, position, title, home  mailing address, education/professional designation, and any other  pertinent background information that will assist in evaluating the  nominee's achievements.

Description of Accomplishment

Describe in specific terms the word or the contribution for which the nomination is being submitted.

This description should include: 

  1. the objectives and significance of the work or the contribution;
  2. the methodology used in the work or the contribution;
  3. the relationships of the work or the contribution to previous work attempted in this field (if any);
  4. names  of any individuals, departments or other government organizations that  cooperated in producing the work or the contribution; and
  5. the impact; i.e., inter-departmental; multi-departmental; government-wide or outside government (if applicable).

Financial Management Institute Award Winners

Year of Award
2012 Kevin Page
2011 Jim McCarter
2010 Sheila Fraser
2009 Bryn Weadon
2007 Charles-Antoine St-Jean
2005 Roland Letarte
2002 Raymond Dubois
2002 Andy Macdonald
2000 Germain Tremblay