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fmi*igf Award of Excellence



To be given to a member of the Financial Management Institute for distinguished service to the fmi*igf that has enhanced its national prestige and profile, or for significant and sustained volunteer contribution beyond what is normally expected of volunteers towards the success of fmi*igf National activities.



Distinguished service will be considered on a broad basis as any act, achievement or service that:

  1. enhanced the prestige of the fmi*igf;
  2. enabled the fmi*igf to render greater service to its membership; and/or
  3. brought honour to the fmi*igf in any form.

Significant and/or sustained volunteer contribution will be considered on a broad basis including:

  1. high level of effort by the volunteer;
  2. exceptionally lengthy participation (i.e., multiple years);
  3. leadership that inspires other volunteers; and/or
  4. personal sacrifices made.


Any member of the fmi*igf except individuals serving as National and Chapter Officers at the time that the award is presented.

Type and Frequency

Plaque to be presented at PD Week or at PSMW. The recipient will receive travel costs, if required, for the purpose of receiving this Award.

Number to be Awarded

Maximum of two per year.

Award Selection Committee

Three members: the President as Chairperson, the immediate past President and one other past President as selected by the President.


The nomination may be made by an fmi*igf Chapter or an individual fmi*igf member and should be accompanied by a complete description of the act, achievement or service for which the award is recommended and cite specific facts and recognizable actions rather than opinions or conclusions.

Nominations should be sent to:

fmi*igf Awards Program
Financial Management Institute of Canada
200 Elgin Street, Suite 601
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1L5


Biographical Sketch of Nominee

The nomination should include the nominee's name, title/position, home mailing address, education/professional designation, and any other pertinent background information that will assist in evaluating the nominee's achievements.

Description of Accomplishment

The description should include:

  1. the objectives and significance of the accomplishment;
  2. the methodology used;
  3. any relationship to previous work attempted in this field;
  4. the impact of the accomplishment; and
  5. the results achieved and anticipated.


Describe succinctly the highlights of the accomplishment, particularly its impact and results (realized or anticipated). This statement will be used as the formal award citation.


The nomination should be signed by the individual nominator or the Chapter President and must include the nominator's mailing address and telephone number.

Award of Excellence Winners

Year of Award Presentation Name

Peter Wolters

P Woltersfmi*igf operates with the efforts of many volunteers. This year we recognized a very special individual for his significant contribution to fmi*igf. It is with great sadness that Mr. Peter Wolters passed away suddenly earlier this year. Peter had always been a very strong supporter of our institution, spending countless years volunteering at all levels of the organization including 10 years on the Fredericton Board of Directors, two years as the Chapter President from 1997-1999 and again in 2013. He was also elected on the National Board of Directors for five years and was the National President in 2006-2007. 

Significant changes took place for the fmi*igf organization during this time period and Peter was involved in developing policies and procedures for the Chapter Investment Fund, overseeing a review of the National Office staffing structure, and coordinating the review of fmi*igf policies and by-laws. For all his hard work and invaluable contributions to the organization, Peter Wolters will be awarded the fmi*igf Award of Excellence, posthumously at PD Week 2014.


Kathryn Burlton

Kathryn Burlton SmKathryn Burlton joined the Halifax Chapter in 2001 when the Chapter was struggling and for a few years she was part of a group of four held the organization together. She served as president from 2003-2007, increasing the membership each year. Kathryn co-chaired, Halifax's second successful PSMW in 2010 and as a result was recognized by the province of Nova Scotia with the Ambassador's Award for promoting Halifax and the Province of Nova Scotia. Kathryn continues to serve on both the Chapter and national boards of directors.

2011-2012 Richard Slee
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