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Message from the fmi*igf President ~ February 22nd, 2017


M Thomas2


... from Martha Okot Thomas

A New CEO with a Familiar Face !!

Chris E 2I am very pleased to announce that we have successfully recruited Christopher Egan as fmi*igf's new Chief Executive Officer. Many of you will recognize him as the present fmi*igf National Manager, Business Development.

Christopher brings to the position of fmi*igf Chief Executive Officer a wealth of experience in both the NFP sector and commercial enterprise having managed the growth of many successful  businesses in his stellar career spanning three decades. Leading teams of 100+ dynamic individuals, Christopher has represented the federal and provincial governments at several events from the Atlantic to the Pacific and provided vital consulting services in training, event management and market research. Christopher is proud to have played a key role in some of the largest Canadian government conferences, of notable mention both GTEC and CANSEC. 

In the summer of 2012, fmi*igf welcomed Christopher to the fold. In his role as National Manager, Business Development, Christopher has transformed sponsorship and rejuvenated the content of fmi*igf's two national events, PD Week and PSMW, by attracting top speakers. Christopher has been instrumental in building stronger partnerships with fmi*igf's key stakeholders and in increasing sponsorship revenue for the betterment of the organization. A keen believer in big data and more streamlined practices, Christopher urged fmi*igf to adopt a new national registration system in 2014.

Christopher draws his strength from his eclectic resume, which includes real estate development in Western Canada, real estate management in Central Canada, restauranteur and a cross-Canada vending and distribution operation. His business experience also includes working in the high tech industry, as a member of a transition team transforming a company from a consulting practice to a software company (SaaS). Chris also worked in the banking industry for Royal Trust. He comes by his service mentality honestly with eight formative years in the retail industry.

Chris is a firm believer in giving back to the community, having served on the United Way Board of Directors Fundraising committee and volunteering for countless charity golf tournaments. He is a founding member of the Carleton University Commerce Alumni Association. A former "Coach of the Year", Christopher now spends most volunteering hours on the ice, either coaching or convening for his local minor hockey association and high school hockey team. 

Chris is a graduate of Carleton University with degrees in Economics and Commerce. While at Carleton he worked as a teaching assistant and then furthered his studies in Adult Education at St. Francis Xavier University.

Chris has enjoyed expressing himself creatively in his acting career both on stage at the National Arts Centre and in local theater. He is an avid sports enthusiast, enjoying above all else the teamwork approach to success.

The Board of Directors began the staffing process in December 2016 by contacting a recruiting agency (Recruiting in Motion) and convening a hiring committee. The members of the hiring committee included Shawn Johnson, National Director, Organizational Development; Jean Labelle, National Past President; Jim Randall, National Vice President; Nicolas Delisle, Chair, Chapter Advisory Council; and myself. The process was quite rigorous and included an initial screening of resumes along with a video interview. Each resume was evaluated by the committee based on a set of criteria which included Leadership, Team Development, Communication, proficiency in both French and English, experience working for non-profit organizations, and an understanding of the Public Sector and Finance. From there we narrowed the selection to four candidates and requested a written submission outlining their plans for executing the fmi*igf Strategic Business Plan. Each candidate worked extremely hard and provided an excellent submission. As a result, all four were interviewed.

It was not an easy choice - and I mean that sincerely. Each one of the final four brought a strong set of skills and competencies that would have been of benefit to the organization. Our final choice was based on our assessment of the situation and in recognition of all the changes made since implementing the new governance structure in the 2014-15 fiscal year. Along with his many strengths, it was felt that Chris would bring familiarity and stability to the organization.

Welcome Aboard Chris. I am really looking forward to working with you.

Martha Okot Thomas, CPA CA

fmi*igf National President 2016-2017