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Planning and Operational Context

planning 200 pix.jpgHow will the fmi*igf continuously contribute effectively to sharing of best practices in public sector resource management over time? How will we maintain our exemplary track record for delivering national and local events? Where will we need to focus our efforts to ensure that we are providing the best possible, current information to our members and event participants?

We must continue to ask these questions and others as we move forward in the years ahead. We must remember our strengths and build on these continuously. We must strive to recognize and overcome our weaknesses, and as they present themselves take opportunities to benefit our members. And we must continue to scan the trends and significant directions of the public sector so as to remain current and relevant. Given that our membership consists primarily of public servants from federal, provincial and municipal governments, we must ensure that we understand the differences and similarities among these levels of government and focus our programming accordingly. Strategic partnerships will enhance our understanding of the needs of the public sector and will allow us to leverage our service delivery.

We must continuously strive to expand our membership and participation at events. The messages that we share with our clientele provide measurable benefits for public sector resource management. Communicating the messages more broadly will guarantee a commensurate benefit for the public sector.

fmi*igf strengths are:

  • fmi*igf is a professional, nationally recognized and long-standing institution in Canada;
  • The pillars that support the fmi*igf are the chapters across Canada and the membership;
  • Capable and committed volunteers form the national and chapter boards and execute all event planning and delivery;
  • A wealth of knowledge of fmi*igf and its place in public sector resource management exists in the fmi*igf boards and administration;
  • Longstanding staff of fmi*igf contribute corporate knowledge and ensure continuity.