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fmi*igf's Strategic Plan 2017-2019 prescribes a framework for action for the next three years. Outlined below is the progress made to date on several specific priority strategies. The fmi*igf Board of Directors and National Staff are working diligently to ensure that the overall vision and outcomes are accomplished in this plan's time frame. 


On-demand courses (Item 2.3)... "Provide a mix of professional development products, including web-based, that complement Chapter-based events."
fmi*igf's e-learning course "Leadership and Self-awareness", part of the Leadership Series, is now available online and has garnered much positive feedback. There is a "Special Spring Pricing" of $300 for groups of 4 or more, and $360 for individuals until March 31st. For more information, please visit fmi.ca/course/special-pricing-for-february-march-2017. A promotional video, brochure and justification toolkit are available at fmi.ca/course.


Competencies (Item 3.1)... "Collaborate with all levels of Government at a senior level to develop a product that will meet their specific requirements in terms of talent management and leadership development and obtain their support for these products."

In order to better align fmi*igf's programs, both national and regional, fmi*igf has implemented the competency approach to meet the professional development needs of its members and community. The objective is to determine which competencies are important at all levels of government and then offer a PD program to meet those specific needs. By emphasizing like-terminology and competency alignment in learning events, fmi*igf offers the right professional development at the right time. Please refer to the competency guidelines that have been adopted to accommodate federal program participants at fmi.ca/events/pd-week/pd-week-2016/competencies.


Timely Topics (Item 3.2) "Actively seek timely relevant topics/experts and incorporate into professional development products and services."

National Office continues to meet regularly with key stakeholders from the federal government, including members of the CFO and DCFO community, as well as the Office of the Comptroller General of Canada. From these meetings, subject matter topics are identified and experts in the field are secured for professional development sessions, workshops and webinars.


National Social Media Coverage (Item 4.1) "Market the value proposition with a more disciplined effort and strategy on our brand to the broader range of disciplines that have a financial management interest."

To improve national recognition, the National Office will discuss events, and news items of interest to the fmi*igf community. Check out the latest webinar on "Finance and Procurement - Bridging the Divide" to learn more on fmi*igf's connection with other disciplines. If you have information you would like us to share on Social Media, please send an email to . "Like us" on Facebook and "follow us" twitter to learn more about all fmi*igf activities across Canada.

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