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A Message from the Chair

Wendy Shih


Welcome to the Aspiring Leaders Network!

Time flies when you are having fun! 

I can't believe it has been more than a year since I took on the role of Chair of the Aspiring Leaders Network (ALN). From attending Public Service Management Week (PSMW) to planning ALN webinars to participating with the Professional Development (PD) Week 2017 Organizing Committee, I have met so many interesting people, worked with so many dedicated and passionate volunteers, and learned so much more about our community. 

What I love most about my fmi*igf volunteering experience is the aspect of continuous learning. Learning about what drives the will to create positive changes at PSMW 2017; about handling team conflicts effectively through the ALN webinars; about proper use of language and body posture when conversing with people … the list goes on and on. The technical skills I gained from working in the public sector for seven years and the soft skills gained from attending and participating at fmi*igf events have been instrumental in my career development and advancement.

Did I mention I also had a blast at the PD Week 2017?  We had a great interactive session at the ALN World Café. Both the illustrated generational differences presentation showcased by guest speaker Robert Beeraj and the brainstorming session moderated by 2016-17 fmi*igf National President Martha Okot Thomas stimulated a tremendous amount of discussion and exchange of information. Mixing up the crowds and giving everyone an opportunity to present their discussion provided a solid platform for us to apply the theoretical knowledge we had learned just minutes before.

During PD Week 2017, Co-Chair Jean Farley and I also got to present the networking activity to more than a 1,000 people every morning. This is something I do not do on a regular basis and I was quite anxious at first. Thanks to the guidance (not to mention lots of patience) from PD Week Chair Sylvie Tanguay and Vice-Chair Gerry Matthews, we made it through the week.

All in all, I am extremely grateful and honoured to lead and grow with the ALN. It continuously improves my confidence, my ability to communicate in public, lead and make sound decisions, and most important of all, the opportunities to give back to the community. I sincerely hope my actions inspired some of you to step out of your comfort zone and to get involved with the fmi*igf community.

Finally, I want to thank everyone at fmi*igf National office staff for all their ongoing support and guidance. Honestly, we would not have been able to achieve so much without them. Nobody seemed to mind all my questions, and trust me, I ask a lot of questions.

Thank you everyone for a very successful year and I look forward to the year ahead.

Wendy Shih

Chair, Aspiring Leaders Network


Wendy Shih, CPA, CMA, CIA

Chair, fmi*igf Aspiring Leaders Network / Présidente, Réseau des futurs leaders de l'igf*fmi