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Past Events

 2016 2017

The Alberta Economy - Between a Budget and a Hard Place

This is the second time the Edmonton FMI Chapter has explored this issue.  The last time, September 11, 2014 West Texas Intermediate Crude was trading for about $93 a barrel and then Alberta Finance Minister, Doug Horner was still predicting a surplus despite increased spending.  30 months, 2 finance ministers and 1 government later - times have definitely changed! 

Our panel was composed of leading economists who weighed in on what Albertans might expect in 2017 and beyond.  Topics will included:

  • Will the price of oil continue to recover or stay flat?
  • Will employment prospects improve?
  • How will the new carbon levy (tax) policies filter through the economy between the net payers and the net beneficiaries?
  • What will happen on the investment side? And how will other new policies like a new tax credit for small business contribute to economic recovery and diversification.

For outsiders looking in, public civil servants are in an enviable position. Compared to the private sector, pay and benefits have been relatively stable with no dramatic cuts to positions and little in the way of salary rollbacks. But while governments continue to hope for an economic turnaround, what if the recovery takes longer than expected?  Speakers and panelist who helped us navigate this topic included: 

  • Cathy Rothrock,  Alberta's Chief Economist
  • John Rose,  City of Edmonton's Chief Economist
  • Barry Scholnick, Professor,  University of Alberta Economics
  • Toby Schneider, Executive Director - Alberta Economic Development & Trade
  • Kevin Taft, Best-selling Author, Consultant, Speaker and former Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party 
  • Moderator Robert Ascah, Fellow, Institute for Public Economics

Download Pre-conference notes and the Economics Presentation Deck.  

After the Smoke Clears: CPAs and the Public Service

On July 1, 2015, CPA Alberta celebrated its first anniversary.  Over the past 12+ months, considerable effort has gone into making the merge of three legacy accounting bodies successful.  Now that the merger-smoke is clearing what has changed for public sector financial professionals?  The session asked and attempted to answer the question, how can CPA Alberta help the members who work in the public service?  

This morning was highly interactive with an opportunity to not only hear from government leaders but also question and contribute to CPA Alberta.  Topics were wide ranging from how to train new CPAs, the public service voice in CPA Alberta and the CPA Alberta voice in government.  Senior leadership contributing to this session included: 

  • Rachel Miller, Chief Executive Officer, CPA Alberta
  • Roger Ermuth, Assistant Comptroller General, Financial management Sector, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
  • Kevin Johnson, CPA, CMA; Managing Vice President, Robert Half

  • Panel Members: 
    • Above presenters, plus:
    • Dan Stadlwieser, Acting Controller, Alberta Treasury Board and Finance.

    • Larry Brownoff, Director, Professional And Career Services (for Rachel Miller).

    • Glen Jarbeau: Chief Financial Officer, City of Spruce Grove.

    • Laura Daniels: Partner, Assurance , PwC Audit Practice

    • Moderator/Presenter; Melissa Banks, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Labour

Download Pre-Conference Notes.  Review the Questions a la carte covered at this conference. Read the Post Conference notes.   Thank you to our sponsors: CPA Alberta and Robert Half International Download the CPA-FMI Public Sector Certificate brochure or access  the Robert Half Salary Guide.

 RH LG 2013 RGB



Fostering Innovation in the Public Service When Money is Tight

Public servants are expected to be innovative while working in a risk adverse environment.  This inherent conundrum is compounded during times of fiscal restraint when ideas are solicited but resources to execute few.  This session will investigate innovation in the public services from a number of facets. 

What is innovation, how do you get it, how do you keep it and when should you ignore it?  Next, how to propose, implement and sustain an innovative idea or culture in an environment that is less than ideal.  Finally, thoughts and strategies of making the case for innovation during times of fiscal restraint; after all, never let a good crisis go to waste.  Speakers for this informative session are:

  • Dr. Markus Sharaput, Dalhousie University: the theory of innovation and its practical challenges.
  • Chris Dambrowitz, NAIT: Can Innovation Become Part of Your DNA?
  • Karen Parker, City of Edmonton: the History, Success and Challenges of Creating an Open City.
  • Christian Felske, Ph.D., P.Eng., City of Edmonton: Turning Your Trash Into Treasure.
  • Moderator/Presenter; Jean McClellan, Partner-PWC: the Catalyst-Café, Systematic Innovation from PWC.

Download Presentations

Read the Post-Conference Notes (unofficial version).

Download Conference Pre-Notes.

Visit PWC - Our Sponsor for this Event.

Visit Dalhousie University - Our Key Note Speaker. 

Read IPAC's Policy Innovation in the Canadian Public Sector.

Access the Global Innovation Index Report.

Access GO Productivity.





The Art of Influencing Others

March 17, 2016

Public servants are both influenced and are influencers in our work and personal lives.  Examples include: asking a child to complete a chore, a staff member a task, a supervisor to authorize a project or a committee of peers to endorse a decision. 

But what motivates people to agree (or not) with your perspective, how can you best present your ideas and how do you get past the 'knee-jerk-no' response?

Randy Shuttleworth is a senior partner of the Training Company which provides specialized training for organizations and for individuals. This session of influencing others will be specifically tailored to the needs of financial professionals working in the public sector.  Join us for an unique opportunity to better understand your family, team and organization.  Also, how best influence these groups and individuals to achieve the best possible decision for all concerned.


Unionization and the Public Service: Costs and Benefits

January 28, 2016 

One pervasive constant in the public service is the existence of unions.  This session explored the benefits to the members, citizens and taxpayers unions play and what are the corresponding costs or inefficiencies they introduce.  Speakers included: 

  • Elisabeth Ballermann, President, Health Sciences Association of Alberta
  • Todd Panas, National President Union of Environment Workers, Public Service Alliance of Canada
  • Guy Smith, President, Alberta Union of Provincial Employees
  • Heather Smith, President, United Nurses of Alberta
  • John Moritmer, President, Labour Watch
  • Lorne Gunter, Columnist, Edmonton Sun
  • Moderator: Winston Gereluk, Union Historian

Pre-Conference Notes 

The Crane: Edmonton's Official Bird?

November 18, 2015

Driving through downtown Edmonton on November 18, 2015, you would have been forgiven for not realizing that oil was been trending around $45 US a barrel. During this session, the Edmonton Chapter of FMI asked the questions: what are the major capital projects being built in Alberta and what is the role of public or private interests in their development? This session looked at a state of the projects and how public servants can assist and support capital project based economic growth.
Also discussed were the challenges of maintenance after completion, the options for keeping the lights on after the ribbon has been cut. Speakers included:

  • David Egan, Partner, Consulting & Deals, PwC.
  • City of Edmonton:
  • Mark Hall, Executive Director, Blatchford Redevelopment, City of Edmonton
  • Rick Daviss, Executive Director, Downtown Arena District Project, City of Edmonton
  • Bradley Leeman, Director, Infrastructure and Funding Strategies Section, City of Edmonton.
  • Dr. Robert Ascah, Moderator.

Download the Pre-Conference Notes for this Event.


Fraud Awareness in the Public Sector or I Never Applied for that Loan

September 23, 2015

Have you received the dreaded phone call from your bank notifying you that your credit card account has been comprised.  Worse, have you received the phone call from someone claiming to be from your bank asking for your credit card details?

On September 23, the Edmonton Chapter explored 'Fraud Awareness in the Public Sector'.  A detective from the Edmonton Police Service, experts from Alberta Human Services and the City of Edmonton IT Branch discussed fraud from the personal to the organizational level.    In addition, Ray Haywood from PwC, our event co-sponsor, provided their global expertise in assessing and preventing fraud in organizations.  

As citizens, how can we discern the difference between the two bank phone calls?  As public servants, how do we balance delivering services without feeding those who would steal from the needy?  As financial managers, what are our responsibilities to control, detect, report and prevent fraud happening?  On September 23, the Edmonton Chapter found out!  

  • Detective Bill Allen, Edmonton City Police
  • Monique Nowak, Human Services Investigator/Alberta Peace Officer
  • Melaney Woods, Human Services Investigator/Alberta Peace Officer
  • Ray Haywood,PwC
  • Kevin McKay, IT Security Manager, Information Technology Department, City of Edmonton
  • Dr. Robert Ascah, Moderator.

Download a copy of the presentation slides.  




Procurement-Who Does it Well?

February 26, 2015

Canadian governments (federal, provincial, municipal and agencies) collectively procure billions each year. Efficient and effective procurement is critical to the proper functioning of government operations and to a modern economy. 

Which organizations have mastered their procurement processes; balancing efficiency and effectiveness with the necessary controls and oversight?  This professional development-session considered this challenge from many perspectives; procurement professionals, public servants (who need to purchase goods and services), the financial manager, system providers, and the taxpayer who ultimately pays for the purchase.  This was a joint presentation by FMI and PwC Canada - a global leader in supply chain and procurement.

Program Notes.

Advanced Manual for Understanding People

January 22, 2015

When you have car trouble, you reach in the glove-box for the owner's manual… When your computer software does not work, you Google the problem…  What about when your problem involves co-workers, colleagues or your family?

Imagine how much more successful we would be if we just had the manual to understanding people?  What if we had the tools to understand what they do, and why they do it?

In this session George Boelcke, CCP reviewed the basics of our four colours.  These colours help us to understand our four very different personality types, their values, stresses and needs. Then  George went beyond the basics into the Four Colours at Work; their communication styles and motivators.  Finally George will took us to the dark side of our colours and the trouble they can cause.

George Boelcke, CCP facilitates seminars on personality types, leadership, and team-building throughout North America and Europe for groups ranging from Fortune 500 companies and conferences, to many small businesses. In addition to his frequent media appearances, George is the author of a number of bestsellers on personality types, relationships, management and sales. For more insights, visit: www.vantageseminars.com.

Retirement Planning in the Public Service: Learning to Adapt to the Tides of Change

November 26, 2014


Is early retirement still an option for 'baby-boomer' public-servants?  Will there be anything left for Gen X/Y/etc. public servants? Uncertainty about pensions is a reality for both employees and Governments, but the right information and setting realistic expectations can help you have a satisfying and sustainable retirement plan. 

These were the questions asked and explored at this session. Thank you for attending; program notes and key links are available (or soon will be).  Key links include the following:

Program Notes

Sizing Up the Economic Horizon in Alberta

September 11, 2014



The Province of Alberta is an economic engine that creates jobs and resulting federal and provincial tax revenues.  But are things as rosy as they seem or is a weakening economy on the horizon?  In this session, three leading economists will weigh in on the topic.  Learn what key measures are monitored and how these indicators compare with events of the past.  Is history about to repeat itself or is Alberta on course to achieve even greater prosperity?  And how does our panel align with the general public sentiments on the economy?  Do optimistic or pessimistic times lie ahead?  How does Alberta's economic horizon affect Financial Managers responsible for public policy, budgeting and their own family's finances?



Speakers & Panelists:



May 21, 2014 - The Public Sector P in P3s

The public looks to all levels of government to build and maintain infrastructure to support the economic and social well being of their communities.  At the same time, the public is asking how infrastructure expenditures can be made more effective, efficient and how the results can be brought on line sooner and with less disruption.  The innovation and flexibility of private enterprise needs to meet the funding and legislative power of the public sector and thus the concepts of Public, Private Partnerships (P3s) was born. The speakers/panelists were:



February 25, 2014 - Auditors and the Public Sector Organization

Auditors play a critical function in maintaining the public trust in the financial reports, processes and decisions made within a public sector organization.  Offices of the auditor general have seen their scope of reviews increase well beyond the financial statements over the past decades. 
On February 25, 2014; the Edmonton FMI Chapter will explore the role auditors' play in maintaining public trust, the future of the sub-profession within the public-organization financial community and practical recommendations to maintain good audit relationships.  Speakers/panelists are:

  • Provincial Perspective: Merwan N. Saher, Alberta Auditor General
  • Municipal Perspective:  David Wiun, City Auditor, Edmonton
  • Audit Firm Perspective: Rachel Gosse, Partner, DeloitteFederal Perspective:  


January 23, 2014 - How to Survive, Thrive and Live with Change


The Edmonton FMI Chapter joined Brenda to listen, laugh and learn about managing change with humour and a positive attitude!

Brenda Robinson has been in the training and development field for 30+years.  In addition to being a sought after speaker and workshop facilitator, she is an organizational consultant and coach.  She is a published author, she holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Education. 

We have entered an era of inverse change - we will never catch up again. How can we learn to enjoy and thrive in this era? Is a change as good as a rest? Is change inevitable? Can we control change in our lives?

Learn to bring joy and laughter to your changing workplace in changing times. Working together positively will facilitate meeting the challenge we all face in today's world.


October 29, 2013, Edmonton Courtyard Marriott  Thornton Room Edmonton, AB

Financial Management in the Government of Canada

Sharon Smith -Thumb NailMs. Sharon Smith provided an overview of how the Government of Canada (GoC) is tackling a budget deficit while striving to maintain programs and services.  This is being done through Financial Management Transformation.  As a result, the GoC looks to not only spending less but maintaining or even improving programs and services.  Ms. Smith also discussed the changes within the GoC's Financial Officer community including its strategies relating to the accounting designation merger.  Further information can be found in the attached presentation and presentation notes:

September 19, 2013 Room 201, Terrace Building

The Alberta Chapter's Annual General Meeting




Comptrollership Challenges in a Changing Environment

April 18, 2013
Courtyard Marriott Thornton Room


Guest Speaker: James Ralston, Comptroller General of Canada, Government of Canada

This session will address the challenges that comptrollers are facing in the current environment:  touching on  cost containment, technology and people management.  It will also cover some of the approaches being undertaken in the federal context and encourage discussion on best practices and approaches to meeting common challenges



City of Edmonton's City Centre Transformation

March 14, 2013 Shaw Conference Centre Salon 4

The areas of focus will be the new Downtown Arena, City Airport, and The Quarters.

Mary Ann Debrinski SmallGuest Speaker: Mary Ann Debrinski, Director Urban Renewal, City of Edmonton

During her 6 year tenure with the City of Edmonton, Mary has spent four of those years as the Director of Financial Strategy and Budget Planning. Mary Ann is a CMA with over 25 years of experience in budgeting, strategic planning, financial management, project management and long range financial planning in the Municipal, Education and Healthcare sectors.


Guest Speaker: Mark Hall, Executive Director, Blatchford Redevelopment Project, City of EdmontonMark Hall Small

Mark Hall is the Executive Director of the Blatchford Redevelopment project. He has been involved in the land development industry in the Edmonton area for more than 30 years.  He experience includes transportation planning and policy development, suburban land use design and approvals, downtown plan policy development and implementation, and land development project planning and implementation. 

In his current role, Mark is responsible for The Blatchford neighbourhood of more than 25,000 residents, a major park, a town centre and educational institutions.  Blatchford will also have two LRT stations - one at the south end of the Plan area serving NAIT and the other in the centre of the easterly residential precinct.


Mayor Mandel 150pix.jpgSpecial Guest: Mayor Stephen Mandel, City of Edmonton

Serving Alberta's Capital City for a third term, Mayor Stephen Mandel has led the City of Edmonton since October 2004.

Mayor Mandel is a strong advocate for Alberta municipalities, ensuring they receive a fair share of funding to pay for vital infrastructure and community services. His bold vision to improve the integration of services in the Edmonton region encouraged the Province to create a new governance body responsible for building a more effective regional plan, which has marked a new era of cooperation and growth. Mayor Mandel also celebrates Edmonton's arts community and multiculturalism as great strengths of our City and his inclusive vision reflects Edmonton's our vast energy and character. He is a strong advocate and voice for low-income families, seniors and those in need. As Mayor, Stephen is a steadfast steward of numerous green initiatives and remains committed to preserving Edmonton's reputation as a global environmental leader.



The Budgeting World in Government

January 17, 2013 - Shaw Conference Centre

Join FMI, IPAC and the Institute of Public Economics to hear first- hand how budgets are planned and executed at all three levels of government. Panelists listed below will bring their experience from both the political and administrative perspectives.

Panelists include:


Ed Stelmach
Former Premier
of Alberta


Shirley McClellan
Former MLA
and Deputy Premier


Anne McLelland
Former Deputy Prime Minister


Kevin Taft
Former Leader of the Opposition
Alberta Liberal Party


Robert Bhatia
Former Deputy Minister of Finance
Alberta Government


Lorna Rosen
Chief Financial Officer
City of Edmonton


Bob Ascah
Director, Institute for Public Economics
University of Alberta


Nolan Crouse
Mayor, City of St. Albert


Robyn Singleton
Former Chief Administrative Officer
Strathcona Councy




Public Sector Renewal: Perspectives from Multiple Orders of Government

November 1, 2012

FMI-Alberta Chapter's first collaborative event with the Institute of Public Adminstration, Edmonton Region was a great success. Nearly 100 IPAC and FMI members and guests braved the season's first snowfall to hear about initiatives to renew the public sector from its senior leaders. The panellists included Simon Farbrother (City Manager, City of Edmonton), Peter Watson (Deputy Minister of Executive Council, Government of Alberta), and Jim Saunderson (Chief Financial Officer - Western Economic Diversification, Government of Canada). The moderated discussion touched on the importance of a healthy corporate culture, efforts to attract new talent and to maximize the potential of existing talent, as well as the role public sector organizations such as IPAC and FMI can play through networking and fostering conversations.


The Basics of Colors: The Owners Manual to Understanding People

by George J. Boelcke, CCP

September 13, 2012

Mr. Boelcke provided an entertaining and interactive seminar on the use of Colors as a tool for team building, fostering unity, staff retention, communication and much more.

See his website at www.vantageseminars.com


Update and Status of Financial Management Transformation in the Government of Canada

by Doug Lloyd

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This includes the duties and purpose of the Financial System Authority, the various policies, directives, and initiatives which collectively make up the transformation effort in regards to the stewardship of financial management systems, the financial Interoperability, and stewardship initiative. A discussion will follow on how these are related to the renewal of the financial management business processes, the creation of standard and common system configurations, and the creation of common financial information in the government of Canada.

Doug Lloyd is presently the Financial System Authority in the Office of the Comptroller General at TBS. He obtained his Masters of Business Administration from The University of Ottawa, and is a Project Management Professional (PMP), a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). He has extensive experience as the CEO of a niche market management consulting firm in Canada, and has worked for the past 5 years as an executive in the government of Canada. Mr. Lloyd is a former trustee of the 2nd largest school board in Ontario, and is also the former President and CEO of the student transportation crown authority in Ottawa, responsible for over 100,000 student movements per day. He is presently pursuing a PhD.

Shared Systems, Truth and Myth

by Bruce Manion, Former Faculty Member, Canada School of Public Service

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Up until recently, Bruce was on assignment as a faculty member with the Canada School of the Public Service. Prior to that, Bruce was the CFO at both HRSDC and Canadian Heritage. In over 28 years since joining the federal public service through the FORD/IARD Program of the OCG, he has held many different positions in audit, administration and financial management in numerous other federal organizations such as DND, OSFI, NRCAN and PWGSC.

Throughout his career, Bruce has maintained a strong interest in modernizing management practices and the strengthening of functional communities.

Bruce is married and has two children. When he is not working, he is an avid tool guy and home renovation maniac. In past lives, he has been a professional musician, actor, stand-up comic and gravedigger. He is certainly not your average accountant.

Fiscal Sustainability in Canada

by Kevin Page, Parliamentary Budget Officer, Parliament of Canada

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

About Kevin Page: Kevin Page was appointed Canada's first Parliamentary Budget Officer on March 25, 2008. The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) is an independent officer of the Library of Parliament who reports to the Speakers of both chambers and who is responsible for providing independent analysis to the Senate and to the House of Commons about trends in the national economy, the state of nation's finances and the estimates of the government. (http://www.parl.gc.ca/pbo-dpb/)

Moving the Canadian Accounting Profession Forward - The Business Case to Merge

by Kara Mitchelmore, MBA, FCMA CEO & President, CMA Alberta

Location: Shaw Conference Centre, Salon 4

Further Information: http://cpacanada.ca/

Learn to Bounce - Surviving & Thriving during Changing Times

by Anita Caputo

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Presenting Financial Information to Senior Government Officials

with Dan Perrins and Jim Marshall
Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dan Perrins and Jim Marshall will provide practical guidelines on presenting financial information to senior government officials, focusing on financial briefings and include general rules, tips and techniques.

Location: Edmonton Convention Centre, Salon 4

Presentation - May 25, 2011 Presenting Financial Information to Senior Government Officials

Dan Perrins, Executive-in-Residence and Senior Policy Fellow of the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy is currently the Executive in Residence and Senior Policy Fellow at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina.

Prior to this, Mr. Perrins served in the Public Service of Saskatchewan for 36 years. In February 2001, Mr. Perrins was appointed as Deputy Minister to the Premier and the Head of the Public Service and served in that role until November 2007.

Jim Marshall, Senior Policy Fellow at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy is currently a Senior Policy Fellow at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

He taught in the Department of Economics at Brandon University, Manitoba, and conducted research for the Library of Parliament in Ottawa before starting with the Government of Saskatchewan. In his 30 years of government service, Jim Marshall has held several senior positions in Saskatchewan Government agencies, including: Finance, Crown Investments Corporation and Industry and Resources.

Cooperative Projects and Human Capital

Morning Session with Doug Lloyd, Executive Director
Financial Systems Acceptance Authority Directorate
Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doug Lloyd will discuss the financial management transformation initiative presently underway at the Office of the Comptroller General.

Specifically, he will provide an overview of the duties and purpose of the Financial System Authority, and then will discuss the various policies, directives and initiatives which collectively make up the transformation effort. He will outline the policy and directive on the stewardship of financial management systems, the financial interoperability and stewardship initiative, and then discuss how these are related to the renewal of our financial management business processes, creation of standard and common system configurations, and creation of common financial information in the government of Canada. He will then finish off with a quick discussion as to how this is related to accountability, and a question and answer period.

Location: Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton, Salon 2


About Douglas M. Lloyd: Doug Lloyd is the financial system authority for the government of Canada. He is responsible for developing and setting financial business processes for the government, as well as establishing common financial information, common financial configurations, and policies on the stewardship of financial management systems (both automated and manual). His team is also responsible for a community building and capacity development regime for finance personnel in the government, as well as operating a centre of outreach aspects of finance.

Prior to this, Doug was on exchange from the private sector where he was the President and CEO of a private sector niche management consulting company and was responsible for managing and troubleshooting major crown projects for Treasury Board Secretariat, Public Works and Government Services Canada and Human Resources Development Canada. He won two distinction awards from the industry for project management at this time.

He is the former President and Chair of the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority, the provincial Crown Corporation responsible for all yellow school busses in Ottawa-Carleton; and is now the chair of the National Institute on Biomass, Renewable and Clean Technologies.

Doug has an MBA from the University of Ottawa with a concentration in Finance and Accounting, and is CMC, CMA and PMP certified. He is in process of completing a PhD in Public Administration specialising in building high performing teams using intergenerational techniques. A subject he lectures on frequently to universities, colleges and professional associations.

Writing @ Work II

with Virginia Durksen, Visible Ink

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clear writing is the best practice that makes all other best practices possible. Virginia Durksen is back to give you more writing tips and to introduce you to writing habits that will make you a clear writer-and an effective financial manager.

Location: Shaw Conference Centre, Salon 4

Virginia Durksen draws on two decades of experience as a writer and editor to develop customized workshops for workplace writers. Through Visible Ink, Virginia teaches business and technical writing to corporate clients across Canada.

As an adult educator, Virginia believes that everyone in today's workplace can and should develop clear, effective communication skills. Often, the greatest barriers to improving those skills are an abundance of bad examples, uncertainy about what's wrong, and lack of opportunity to keep on developing. These can be overcome.

Microsoft Canada: Gov 2.0

with Omar Rashid, Director for Municipal Government Strategy, Microsoft Canada

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Location: Shaw Conference Centre, Salon 4

As Director for Municipal Government Strategy, Omar Rashid is responsible for leading Microsoft's engagement with local and regional governments across Canada. He speaks regularly on how Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) can be used to drive positive outcomes from public policy. For this event Omar will speak on Gov 2.0 - the two-way commnication between government agencies and citizens. Please join us to hear how governments across Canada and the world are leveraging Gov 2.0 principals to improve service delivery, engage citizens and improve outcomes from public service.

Change Management

by Vik Maraj, Vik Maraj Consulting

Thursday October 28, 2010

Location: Shaw Conference Centre, Salon 4

Vik Maraj consults, speaks, teaches, and facilitates on a range of topics including leadership, change and transition, group dynamics, performance execution, motivational practices, conflict engagement, and influence. This session on Change Management will introduce you to 10 practices that will make change happen. The topic for this event was selected by our fmi*igf Alberta Chapter members making this our first "Members Choice" event!

You can read more about Vik Maraj at his website http://www.vikmaraj.com/about/index.htm.

Writing @ Work II

with Virginia Durksen, Visible Ink Incorporated

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Clear writing is the best practice that makes all other best practices possible. Long sentences, unclear words, and passive voice create as much confusion as a column of numbers that doesn't add up. But to make a document easy to read and a procedure easy to follow, we need to replace the bad habits we pick up in university and at work. This session introduced the participants to writing habits that will make them a clear writer - and an effective financial manager. Read more about Virginia at http://www.visible-ink.ca/.

Location: Shaw Conference Centre, Salon 2

Virginia Durksen draws on two decades of experience as a writer and editor to develop customized workshops for workplace writers. Through Visible Ink, Virginia teaches business and technical writing to corporate clients across Canada.

As an adult educator, Virginia believes that everyone in today's workplace can and should develop clear, effective communication skills. Often, the greatest barriers to improving those skills are an abundance of bad examples, uncertainy about what's wrong, and lack of opportunity to keep on developing. These can be overcome.


The Competency Connection

Presented by Norma Hubley, CA
Office of the Comptroller General of Canada

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Competencies: We hear about them but what are they and what is their effect in the real world? The Office of the Comptroller General (OCG) of Canada has developed a professional development apprenticeship program based entirely on competencies. Competencies either are or will be used at all levels for evaluation and promotion.

If you want to know what are the competencies in government finance and how to obtain them then you need to register for this session. In addition, if you need to develop competency profiles for your department then this session is for you. See registration information below.

Location: Shaw Conference Centre, Salon 4

Norma Hubley, CA graduated from Carleton University with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1975 and became a Chartered Accountant in 1977. Mrs. Hubley has held a number of positions within the Public Service with increasing and varied responsibilities. She has worked in financial management, financial planning and resource management, financial and accounting policy and corporate accounting, and the development of programs required to position the Financial Management workforce for the challenges surrounding the implementation of the Chief Financial Officer model.

Currently, her work with the Office of the Comptroller General, involves Capacity Building and Community development for the Financial Management community within the federal Government

Current Status of Canadian Financial Accounting Standards Development

Presented by Al Budlong, FCA

Thursday, February 19, 2009

1. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
2. Proposed Model for Canadian Small Business
3. Rules currently in development for Non-Profit Organizations

Location: Shaw Conference Centre, Salon 3

Al Budlong is an FCA. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta (ICAA). He is very much involved with advising those interested in professional accounting standards.

New Transfer Payment Policy

Presented by Pierre Laflamme, Treasury Board Secretariat, Office of the Comptroller general, Government of Canada

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Have you heard about Treasury Board's New Transfer Payment Policy effective October 1st? Our speaker Pierre Laflamme is going to bring us up to date on this new policy. If you are involved with Grants and Contributions - or are planning to become involved - then you don't want to miss this session. Some highlights:

  • G&C reform - government action plan
  • Policy, directive, guide - 2008
  • Key changes: authorities, service standards, risk management, recipient engagement
  • Implementation - gradual transition
  • Looking ahead - expected results

Pierre Laflamme is currently Director, Financial Arrangements Unit at Treasury Board of Canada. He is responsible for the renewal of the policy on transfer payments, working with multiple stakeholders to succeed with the implementation

Create Engaging Workplaces - Improve Retention

Presented by James Robbins

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A manager's success lies in their ability to fully engage employees. Come join this engaging, entertaining and inspirational presentation that will provide you a feast of leadership ideas to help create environments that inspire employees and lower employee turnovers.

Location: Shaw Conference Centre, Salon 2

James Robbins of The Robbins Group based in Calgary, Alberta, is a rare mix of management consultant, motivational speaker and adventurer. He has worn many hats over the years from managing non-profit organizations to entrepreneur, speaker and leadership trainer. For the last 15 years, James has been helping Leaders live up to their true potential. As a speaker he has over 12 years on the platform and is known for his humour, genuine style and stories


Financial Management Policy Framework and the Office of the Comptroller General of Canada

with Mr. Bernie Geiger, Director - OCG Policy Renewal Project, Treasury Board Canada

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The last few years have seen significant changes in the federal government Treasury Board and Comptroller General's Office with respect to its policies. Mr. Geiger will speak on the subject of Treasury Board (TB) and Office of the Comptroller General (OCG) Financial Management Policy Framework, renewal and new directions of the OCG.  This will include a look at the old policy suite, the Federal Accountability Act and Action Plan, the policy renewal exercise and progress to date. Subjects to be covered include:

  • Professional development in the financial community,
  • The Chief Financial Officer Model,
  • Strengthening internal controls,
  • Audited departmental financial statements,
  • Quarterly financial statements,
  • Resource utilization and
  • Financial systems standards.

Location: Shaw Conference Centre - Salon 9


3rd Annual Professional Development Day
Empowering People in a High Accountability Environment

with Anita Caputo, The BIG PICTURE Institute

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A full day conference including a plenary keynote speaker and two streams of speakers!

Location: Shaw Conference Centre

Part 1

Government Controllership Challenges in Alberta's Hot Economy

with Doug Lynkowski, Controller for the Government of Alberta

Part 2

Developments in Financial Management and Internal Audit in the Federal Government

with Charles-Antoine St-Jean, F.C.A., Comptroller General of Canada

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Location: Shaw Conference Centre - Salons 5/6