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IGF-Québec: A brief overview


Established in 1988, IGF-Québec initially had about one hundred members drawn primarily from the Comptroller of Finance of Québec. Today, IGF-Québec has nearly 300 members from 50 departments and agencies in both the Québec and federal governments. For the most part, these members are professionals or executives working in resource management.


The annual program of activities includes four luncheon conferences and one or two thematic days addressing various subjects related to public administration. This formula has become increasingly popular because the average number of participants in training activities has increased steadily since 1988. There were 119 people at the first luncheon conference on December 1st, 1988. In 2001-2002, the average number of participants peaked at 441. The sale of packages to departments and agencies early in the season has driven the increase in membership over these years. The overall government context since 2010 has brought the average participation rate down to 260 people for each activity, but the package deal remains popular because 80% of participants choose that option.

Several speakers have made IGF-Québec's luncheon conferences popular and ensured some memorable moments for participants. This was especially true in the case of Gold medal winners Sylvie Fréchette and Dean Bergeron, Clément Gignac and journalist Michel Vastel... when a record was set with more than 500 participants.

170909 300PIX.jpg At PSMW 2008 Québec, delegates had the opportunity to look back in history when meeting Samuel de Champlain (aka Jean-François Cloutier,) Mgr. François Montmorency de Laval (aka Serge Boisseau) and the Marquis de Montcalm (aka Jean Laporte.)

In June 1990, the IGF-Québec hosted the 3rd edition of the Public Sector Management Workshop (PSMW). It hosted the workshop again in June 2000, under the theme "Québec, Fortress of the New Millenium." A number of well-known speakers were invited to PSMW 2000, and they discussed such topics as modernizing public management, management by results and accountability. More than 417 participants from across the various provinces came together in Québec City for the event.

In June 2008 - the same year as Québec City's 400th anniversary - more than 700 people travelled from across Canada to attend the 21st edition of the PSMW. It was an unprecedented success with high-level speakers, original activities and a prestigious Gala evening. The participants were appreciative of it all.

Since 2000, IGF-Québec is proud to support students on their career path by inviting them to attend its activities for free, and by awarding two scholarships every year. We want to demonstrate our interest in these future professionals and to recognize, by means of the scholarship, a student's contribution when it comes to innovation and leadership in the management field.

PD Week '97 200PIX.jpg fmi*igf National Vice-President, Jean Gamache, with Roland Letarte at PD Week 1997 in Ottawa. Co-founder of the Québec Chapter, Mr. Letarte served as its President (1990-1992) while Mr. Gamache served as Québec's Chapter President (1992-1994.)


The IGF-Québec Board of Directors currently has 16 officers, and has been supported since 1993 by the Board of Governors, which is comprised of 12 high-level representatives from the provincial public service and one representative from the federal public service. Being true builders, these governors, who hold key leadership positions in various departments, share their vision with IGF-Québec and support the board of directors in preparing its annual program.

To better plan for growth, IGF-Québec has developed a strategic plan and several policies. In order to fulfill the objectives of this plan, the officers formed various work committees, including the following: executive committee, programming committee, scholarship committee, partnership and sponsorship committee, marketing committee, finance committee, and lastly, strategic planning committee. The Board of Governors, and the many sponsors who have contributed to its current success, acknowledge IGF-Québec's success, its dynamism, and its balanced growth.


In order to ensure maximum visibility and to offer its members a high-quality service, IGF-Québec regularly reviews its image and brand by providing promotional materials that are pertinent to its members. The Internet site (www.igfquebec.com) is reviewed and improved on a regular basis. IGF-Québec went green in September 2001 and now communicates with its clientele by e-mail exclusively. Activity registration is an automated electronic process. In 2011-2012, IGF-Québec unveiled its new brand: "IGF-Québec: A Different Way of Learning."


In its departure from traditional learning concepts and bolstered by its recent success and achievements, IGF-Québec continues to stand out. Indeed, with its 2012-2013 programming, IGF-Québec charts a steady course and proposes content for its members that is dynamic, diverse and focused on improving knowledge, developing expertise, networking, and sharing best practices.

In 2013-2014, IGF-Québec will celebrate its 25th anniversary. A promising future lies ahead as the chapter pursues its mission and its vision of being a dynamic and inspiring partner in the service of public sector management.

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