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Chapter Logo 250pixRegina Chapter History

The Regina Chapter was first initiated in 1991/92, a complete executive being established in 1992/93 with initial membership of 78. The first Board of Directors was led by President Paul Ready, Vice-President Larry Klatt, Secretary Treasurer Marg Gailing and Program Directors Keith Boothe, Paula Mills and Colleen Laing. 

DocImage394 300pix.jpg PSMW 2001 Regina Organizing Committee. (Seated center) Linda McKay, Co-Chair, holds the PSMW Challenge Trophy with fmi*igf National President, Germain Tremblay, seated left and fellow PSMW 2001 Co-Chair, Bob Cochran, seated right.

The Chapter received tremendous support from the Society of Certified Management Accountants, working jointly on a number of events.  This led to similar support from the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Association of Certified General Accountants. The Regina Chapter initiated a luncheon featuring the provincial Minister of Finance presenting highlights of his/her budget - a tradition which continues to today, and remains a popular and well attended event.

In 1994/95, Larry Klatt moved up to President of the Chapter. During this time, the Chapter concentrated on bringing professional development opportunities to Regina, and strengthening the partnership with accounting organizations.
In 1996/97, Linda McKay took over the presidency. She worked towards hosting a Public Sector Management Workshop in Regina. Regina was chosen to host PSMW 2001 and the Board worked towards making it a success. PSMW 2001 - "Growing Strong Together" - was a success with 170 attendees.  

However, shortly following the event, there were some retirements and Linda was transferred unexpectedly to another province… leaving only Mike Pestill and Rachel Ratch on the Board. Given that Rachel was pregnant, they decided Mike should be President, Rachel should be VP and they needed a secretary/treasurer.  They found Catherine Roberts to be secretary/treasurer. Between 2001 and 2006, Mike, Rachel and Catherine slowly grew the Chapter profile, membership and board.   

Regina photo 300pix.jpg Pat Fiacco, Jean Laporte, Ralph Goodale, local RCMP, Catherine Roberts and Mike Pestill at the PSMW 2009 opening reception held at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre in Regina on Sunday, May 31st, 2009.

In 2007/08, Mike Pestill moved on to become fmi*igf National VP, Rachel moved up to Regina Chapter President and they decided since they had so much fun at PSMW 2001, they would do it again in 2009 with Catherine Roberts as local Co-chair.  PSMW 2009 - "Climate Change in the Public Sector" - attracted 308 participants.

Rachel passed the Regina Chapter presidency to Barb Kelly in 2010/11. Membership numbers have been steadily increasing, and are at 91 for 2011/12. The Board is active and committed and Regina looks forward to the next 50 years of fmi*igf.

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