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Social Media

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fmi*igf is engaging members, event participants and its networking community through new social media tools. We want to hear your opinions, help answer any questions you may have about the event, and encourage discussion and networking with others at the event.

Get the know-how!

Don't miss out on the action! Get to know Twitter a bit better with these helpful guides:

Online Demonstration Video


Here's how you can join in!

Join our fmi*igf Facebook page! On this page you can post news articles and stories, and discuss with other members. You can also post and see pictures from past events, including PD Week! Be sure to "like" our facebook page to stay in touch and see all the updates and pictures that are posted.

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Join the conversation on Twitter! You can ask a question, by tweeting to @fmiigf. You can share your thoughts, questions, or ideas... follow us at:

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Join our LinkedIn group, and network with other fmi*igf members! This is a great way to meet other people who attended PD Week, regional events or a networking function...  Stay in touch! It's also a great way to hear about upcoming events for fmi*igf, as well as job postings and other news stories.

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Visit our YouTube channel to see videos of PD Week, and other events. Be sure to join in the discussion, and share your thoughts with other members as well.

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If you're not able to participate during an event, or from your office computer, be sure to visit from home to stay in touch, and to participate in the discussion.