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Speed Mentoring

Speed Mentoring 250

Due to its phenomenal success, PD Week's Speed Mentoring is back by popular demand. As a newly appointed financial officer or auditor, do you find it difficult to see a career path towards a goal of becoming a CFO or CAE? Are you overwhelmed with the vast amount of job opportunities available throughout the federal government, but you are not sure which job opportunities to pursue to allow you to obtain the desired set of skills and competencies? Have you tried asking your peers for a career advice, but found that the scheduled mentoring session gets postponed or cancelled, as your peers are too busy?

Throughout PD Week 2016 take advantage of a rare opportunity to meet with a current or recently retired CFO, a former CAE and/or senior leader in the world of finance in government for a one-on-one career mentoring session. Each mentoring session will last 15 minutes, so come prepared to get the most of this great opportunity.Speed Mentoring

To sign up, make sure to stop by the Speed Mentoring booth during breakfast the day of the event, and select the time and the person you wish to meet for your individual mentoring session. Event mentors are looking forward to meeting you! Please note that this is not a recruiting session, but rather a mentoring session about career planning, and you are asked to be cognizant of the types of questions you ask.



** Reserve your seat at www.fmi-igf.ca!

André Morency, former CFO of Transport Canada from 2002 to 2014, will present two interactive sessions on the importance of networking. The following questions will be addressed:

  • Why should one bother to network?
  • How to set up a network?
  • How to network?
  • When to network?
  • Who to network with?
  • Networking etiquette.
  • And other questions you may have.
English session November 22, 2016 12:00 p.m. - 1 p.m. Room 213
French session November 23, 2016 12:00 p.m. - 1 p.m. Room 213

Register at www.fmi-igf.ca.

Spaces are limited to 25 participants. Lunch will be provided.

Meet With BorderTips on how to prepare for the mentoring session:

To start, briefly describe your education, competencies and career path so far (approx. 2-3 min) and provide your own perspective on the future opportunities (approx. 3-4 min). This will allow the mentor to understand your current situation and provide an advice on the path to take to reach your goal. Use the remaining time for a dialogue and questions.

Speed Mentoring Video  

fmi*igf had the pleasure of working with Claude Caron, CPA, CMA, one of PD Week 2015's Speed Mentors, to create a short video that covers 5 frequently asked questions during past one-on-one interviews. This video will help you prepare your questions in order to get the most out of your interview. For a first glance at PD Week's Speed Mentoring, view the following video.

Watch Video

To avoid disappointment, sign up early each morning at the Speed Mentoring booth in the Exhibit Hall (Parliament Foyer, 3rd Floor) ... Spaces are limited!