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Tuesday, November 22nd

Day 1


Wednesday, November 23rd

Day 2


Thursday, November 24th

Day 3


Friday, November 25th

Day 4


PD Week 2016 Maple Leaf Gray Background Streams at a Glance



Tuesday, November 22nd


The public sector is currently undergoing rapid change and transformation and a renewed focus on innovation and collaboration. The Hot Topics Stream will provide participants with an increased awareness of significant government-wide initiatives supporting this change management journey, as well as, exploring any associated challenges and/or opportunities. Innovative solutions, best practices, practical strategies and lessons learned will be shared to help the financial community adjust to their own change management initiatives/projects. 

As per PD Week 2016's theme "Collaboration," speakers will share "hot off the press" information relating to changes in how policies and programs are delivered, together with, implementation updates and the progress towards achieving these initiatives.

Learning Objectives:

  • To improve participants' understanding of significant government-wide initiatives supporting change management.
  • To gain knowledge of how these government-wide initiatives will impact a participant's work environment and how they may adapt to those changes.
  • To learn about new techniques and approaches to be applied to public sector management and how they will benefit a participant's day-to-day work.

These learning objectives will further support the Financial Officer (FI) Competencies, both Behavioral and Functional, as well as the Key Leadership Competencies established by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.


Tuesday, November 22nd


As the Back Office Transformation (BOT) initiative continues, its progress is important to finance officers. Practitioners in the financial management community need to ensure they are ready for coming changes and challenges. Whether their daily work is impacted, they transition into a newly expanded transformation role, or become part of the change by participating in one of the many transformational projects, their part of the story will be interesting and challenging.

The Comptroller General created the Enterprise Programme Management Office (EPMO) to support the delivery of the Back Office Transformation and key individual initiatives such as the Government of Canada (GC) FM Transformation (FMT) project. Through its many roles, the EPMO ensures oversight of TBS-led initiatives and their alignment with all government-wide BOT projects. The GC Financial Management Transformation will be of importance to everyone. 

For those participating in or being impacted by projects or project management, the Transformation stream will provide them a general understanding of the project management discipline and how it can be applied to many of their current and future roles. 

Hear about the latest developments in the Government of Canada transformation agenda. Sessions will touch upon several financial officer competencies, such as project management, strategic thinking, and management excellence, in all three areas of action, people and finance. With presentations from the EPMO, the Financial Management Transformation team and Interis|BDO, participants' learning objectives will clearly be met.

Learning Objectives:

  • To improve participants' understanding of the current financial management context and to provide a whole-of-government understanding of the BOT Strategy and Enterprise, as well as its requirements for transformed financial management services.
  • To gain insight into project management concepts.
  • To think strategically at the analytical level and in the development of ideas.


Tuesday, November 22nd


Accounting Standards Update

The Financial Reporting stream will present recent and upcoming changes to Public Sector Accounting Standards (PSAS) along with their implications on financial reporting. The stream will also present the results of PwC's "Global Data and Analytics Survey 2016 | Canadian insights, Big Decisions™." In addition, the final session of the day will examine how risk-taking is linked to gender and its impact on decision-making within an organization.

Participants will be able to:

  • identify the recent updates and changes to PSAS and the implications of these changes on financial reporting;
  • understand how organizations are using data for informed decision-making and innovation; and
  • recognize how risk-taking is linked to gender and how it impacts decision-making within an organization.


Tuesday, November 22nd


The Communication Workshop stream will delve into the understanding and use of key strategies necessary to communicate the right message to colleagues and senior management. Identify your own strengths and weaknesses, stress triggers and roadblocks in interpersonal communications; and use that information to interact effectively. Even though everyone is unique, there are recognizable clues that will enable you to sense what a person may think or do in certain situations, and ultimately gain an understanding of their actions.


  • Communicate effectively with others.
  • Learn triggers that cause stress and how to cope.
  • Gain an understanding of people's actions and reactions.


Wednesday, November 23rd


Le Francophile stream is intended to be of interest to the entire financial management sector. It spans a full spectrum of interests to the financial management community such as current financial management initiatives, trends and concerns in the areas of accounting, planning, budgeting and reporting. Participants will enhance their knowledge of key financial management activities, new financial initiatives and leadership competencies that might impact their daily financial responsibilities.

By the end of the day, participants will:

  • have a better understanding of some best practices in financial management;
  • appreciate the importance of new financial initiatives and how they might impact daily financial activities;
  • understand the roles and capabilities of key external partners, as well as respective information exchange requirements; and
  • develop some key leadership competencies.


Wednesday, November 23rd


Communicating Results to Senior Management

The Agenda For Results stream will focus on helping financial officers and executives communicate financial management information and results to other executives that do not have a financial management background.  The goal is for financial officers and executives to help non-financial executives progress in their understanding of financial management and the key financial elements related to their own organization.

Participants will be able to:

  • understand the information needs of other executives;
  • be able to identify and develop key messages;
  • create content to communicate these key messages; and,
  • avoid pitfalls when communicating financial information.


Wednesday, November 23rd


The International Perspectives stream focuses on various international finance areas that impact the Government of Canada. In doing so, it invites distinguished speakers in the international finance field to share their real life experience with the Government of Canada financial community.

Overall, the International Perspectives stream delves into a much wider field of interest focusing on resource management in general, including: strategic planning, policies, governance, trends, frameworks, accountability, transparency, systems, services, etc. It includes the role of key players in international relations, especially those fostering good government and good governance in the developing world, including Canada (DFATD, etc.) and that of international agencies (OECD, World Bank, IMF, UNDP, etc.).

In this stream, participants will:

  • obtain an overview of the International Financial Management Model - New Innovations and Collaborations, An Australian perspective; and,
  • have an understanding of Canada's role in international financial organizations.


Wednesday, November 23rd


Unlock Data Possibilities: Make better and faster decisions

With the present-day buzz around data analytics, it is easy to get caught up in enthusiastic possibilities about data's ability to transform organizations. Not surprisingly, many CFOs are looking to data analytics as a way to meet the increasing expectations placed on their role. Analytics offers the means to extract valuable insights from masses of data insights that can be used to support business decision-making and influence the future performance of the organization.  

High performing data-driven organizations are those that are able to:  

  • spend time where it matters;
  • shorten the distance between insight and value;
  • anticipate and act; and
  • empower people with data analytics insights.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the challenges of realizing data analytics' potential.
  • To understand the right conditions for data analytics' success.
  • To understand what you are getting into.


Thursday, November 24th


Today's focus on resource management emphasizes on the need to deliver and report results. Financial management advisors and their partners are being asked to account for the use of their resources in the delivery of expected outcomes. The aim of this stream is to provide resource management professionals with the tools and ideas to successfully deal with today's requirements.

Learning objectives:

  • Insight from central agencies on resource management issues of the day.
  • Exposure to tools and techniques for analyzing financial, people management and planned spending data.
  • Examples and solutions of resource management issues faced by departments.
  • Strategies for collaborating and leveraging partnerships and using best practices.


Thursday, November 24th


The subject of PD Week 2016's Internal Audit stream is information sharing. With a focus on the industry's hot topics, the sessions will provide relevant information on emerging industry trends and on ways that internal audit can lead the organization's senior management team towards effective risk management and control.

Learning Objectives:

  • To provide leadership and representation in the internal audit community on emerging issues within the federal government's risk universe.
  • To share new tools and ideas to assess the effectiveness and adequacy of risk management, controls, and governance processes within their organization.
  • To offer the means to build internal audit competencies and keep up with the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) education requirements through continuing professional development.


Thursday, November 24th



The objective of the Community Leaders stream is to provide senior Financial Management (FM) and Internal Audit (IA) leaders with the opportunity to share best practices and experiences with colleagues. These sessions target specific needs and interests, and aid in maintaining and building a resilient FM and IA community that can adapt to challenges of tomorrow.

Now, more than ever, is the time to shape our workplace of the future by securing and engaging our workforce and positioning our organizations to transform while also streamlining processes and focusing on service delivery.

Join our speakers, who will share their experiences on how they enabled the innovation and transformation of their organization's financial management.


Thursday, November 24th


The Procurement Stream brings financial officers, planners, managers, program managers, procurement experts and material managers together to share lessons learned and best practices on procurement and material management. The aim is to share practical tools and strategies to meet and overcome key challenges faced by the financial and procurement communities. The focus of this new session is on collaboration and engagement between various stakeholders.


Friday, November 25th


The Human Dimension stream looks at the human side of the equation. Personal development is the main focus of this stream as it encompasses a variety of topics and issues such as soft skills, abilities and personal suitability, health and wellness, change management and personal growth.

This year, the Human Dimension sessions will focus on the well-being, mental health and balance in the work place that is beneficial to perform better in several areas of one's life.

Learning Objectives:

  • To empower participants to improve collaboration within organizations by focusing on personal well-being and health. To better adapt to change, work with peers, and achieve a better work/home balance.
  • To provide participants with the tools necessary to meet current and long-term organizational challenges by focusing on their own well-being.
  • To enable participants to improve their communication skills and collaboration within or outside their organization.


Friday, November 25th


The Administrative Community stream brings administrative professionals and financial officers together to share lessons learned and best practices that simplify the evolving financial trends or provide tools for personal interest and development.

This years' sessions will provide you with the tools needed to create your own community network within your organization and help you "style" for your success!


Friday, November 25th


Economics is the social science that describes the factors that determine production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. It focuses on the behaviour and interactions of economic agents, and how economies work.

If you are interested in financial markets and the economy, you are in the right place! Whether you want to know the latest national and international developments or consult the most recent economic and financial forecasts, this workshop is for you. This new stream deals with economic activities such as consumer spending, exchange rates, housing markets, gross domestic product, GDP per capita, GNP, the stock market, interest rates, government debt, rate of inflation, unemployment, and balance of trade.