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Administrative Community

Friday, November 25thDay 4




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The Administrative Community stream brings administrative professionals and financial officers together to share lessons learned and best practices that simplify the evolving financial trends or provide tools for personal interest and development.

This years' sessions will provide you with the tools needed to create your own community network within your organization and help you "style" for your success!

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10:30 - 12:00

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Room 215

LP CroppedSpeaker:
Luce Papineau, Professional Stylist

Luce have the best job in the world - she actually makes people look good and feel great about themselves! She realized long ago that fashion isn't just a matter of image. Fashion is a vehicle to show people at their best and make them feel the power of their inner strength and beauty.

Luce's services go well beyond appearances. After 30 years in this business, she still gets a thrill from helping someone define their own personal style, tap into that 'wow' moment and realize that the clothes they wear are a reflection of their inner selves. For Luce, there is no greater pleasure than to see someone rediscover themself in the mirror.

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Language of presentation: French
Simultaneous interpretation available.

13:15 - 15:30




Room 215

Annie Guérin, Executive Assistant to the Director General, Policing Policy, Public Safety Canada;
Brooke Lwow, Planning Officer, Public Safety Canada

Created in 2015 as a grass-roots initiative, the Administrative Professionals Network (APN) has been taking Public Safety Canada by storm.

Starting with small procedural enhancements to large scale projects influencing departmental policy, the APN is a successful network model.

During this session, you will hear from network co-founders, Annie Guérin and Brooke Lwow, who together have over sixteen years of government experience.

They will discuss how their idea transformed into a network that promotes growth and change. Learning to collaborate with partners, and more importantly, amongst ourselves, just goes to show that there is strength in numbers.

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Language of presentation: Bilingual
Simultaneous interpretation available.

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