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Le Francophile

Day 2Wednesday, November 23rd





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Le Francophile stream is intended to be of interest to the entire financial management sector. It spans a full spectrum of interests to the financial management community such as current financial management initiatives, trends and concerns in the areas of accounting, planning, budgeting and reporting. Participants will enhance their knowledge of key financial management activities, new financial initiatives and leadership competencies that might impact their daily financial responsibilities.

By the end of the day, participants will:

  • have a better understanding of some best practices in financial management;
  • appreciate the importance of new financial initiatives and how they might impact daily financial activities;
  • understand the roles and capabilities of key external partners, as well as respective information exchange requirements; and
  • develop some key leadership competencies.


Sessions in French with English simultaneous interpretation available.

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10:30 - 12:00







Plenary Hall 301

Nic Dumesnil, CPA, CA, Alpinist, Traveller and Chartered Accountant

From Mont Tremblant to Mount Everest

Since his very first hike, at the age of 12, in Mont Tremblant and all the way to Mount Everest, mountain expeditions definitely marked Nic's journey. His adventures kept going ever since: a resuscitation attempt at an altitude of 6,500 metres, return to Base Camp despite the fact that the hilltop was within two hours' walking distance, being caught up on a glacier during a thunderstorm, experiencing the Nepal's deadly earthquake... Such powerful life moments forced him to take decisions, to react quickly, and make adjustments. Furthermore, getting ready to hike Mount Everest doesn't happen overnight. It can require years of preparation. You must climb one mountain at a time, remain motivated, and focus on your goals.

With breathtaking videos and pictures, Nic's presentation offers a quick trip to the numerous mountains around the globe and then heads off to the highest peak of all: Mount Everest. Climbing such mountain as well as the planning behind it is a tremendous challenge. Are you ready for an epic adventure?

Le Francophile 1.jpg

Language of presentation: French
Simultaneous interpretation available.

13:15 - 14:30





Plenary Hall 301

Panel -graphic2Speakers:
Andrew Francis, Chief Financial Officer, Canadian Heritage;
Paul Thoppil, Chief Financial Officer, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada;
Mark Dillon, Partner, Grants & Contributions Audit Services, Samson & Associates
Moderator : Linda Savoie, Corporate Secretary, Library and Archives Canada

This session invites you to listen to our panel of experts discuss best management practices and innovation in grants and contributions.

Le Francophile 2.jpg

Language of presentation: French
Simultaneous interpretation available.

14:50 - 16:00

Presentation Presentation available in French only.


Plenary Hall 301

Panel -graphic2Speakers:
Daniel St-Onge, Partner, Facilitation and Learning Solutions, Samson & Associates;
Daniel Charron, CMA, CPA, Partner, Financial & Advisory Services, Samson & Associates;
Mathieu Farley, Partner, Audit & Advisory Services, Samson & Associates;
Mark Dillon, Partner, Grants & Contributions Audit Services, Samson & Associates 

In this session you will learn about the different forms that collaboration can take, as well as, what has changed in collaboration over the past few years. 

Practitioners in the fields of auditing, training, consulting, and management of grants and contributions will speak about mini-cases, success stories and best working practices.

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Language of presentation: French
Simultaneous interpretation available.

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