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Tuesday, November 22ndDay 1




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As the Back Office Transformation (BOT) initiative continues, its progress is important to finance officers. Practitioners in the financial management community need to ensure they are ready for coming changes and challenges. Whether their daily work is impacted, they transition into a newly expanded transformation role, or become part of the change by participating in one of the many transformational projects, their part of the story will be interesting and challenging.

The Comptroller General created the Enterprise Programme Management Office (EPMO) to support the delivery of the Back Office Transformation and key individual initiatives such as the Government of Canada (GC) FM Transformation (FMT) project. Through its many roles, the EPMO ensures oversight of TBS-led initiatives and their alignment with all government-wide BOT projects. The GC Financial Management Transformation will be of importance to everyone. 

For those participating in or being impacted by projects or project management, the Transformation stream will provide them a general understanding of the project management discipline and how it can be applied to many of their current and future roles. 

Hear about the latest developments in the Government of Canada transformation agenda. Sessions will touch upon several financial officer competencies, such as project management, strategic thinking, and management excellence, in all three areas of action, people and finance. With presentations from the EPMO, the Financial Management Transformation team and Interis|BDO, participants' learning objectives will clearly be met.

Learning Objectives:

  • To improve participants' understanding of the current financial management context and to provide a whole-of-government understanding of the BOT Strategy and Enterprise, as well as its requirements for transformed financial management services.
  • To gain insight into project management concepts.
  • To think strategically at the analytical level and in the development of ideas.

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10:30 - 12:00





Rooms 205 & 207

Hartling , DoreneSpeaker:
Dorène Hartling, Assistant Deputy Minister, Enterprise Programme Management Office, Treasury Board Secretarit of Canada

Dorène Hartling will lead a plenary discussion on the leadership role of an Enterprise Programme Management Office using the Back Office Transformation Initiative as a backdrop. 

The discussion will touch on successful engagement strategies, securing endorsements for the Back Office Initiative and ensuring the alignment of transformation benefits to the Government of Canada's key priorities.

Transformation 1

Language of presentation: Bilingual
Simultaneous interpretation available.

13:15 - 14:30




Rooms 205 & 207


Alain P. Séguin, Assistant Comptroller General - Financial Management Transformation, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Office of the Comptroller General

Financial Management Transformation (FMT) is modernizing and transforming the business model of financial management (FM) across government, in support of objectives that include open and transparent government, better service for Canadians, and evidence-based policy.

The FMT Program has spent the past two years focused on laying the foundation for transformation, and building its capacity to manage and direct change in order to: support GC-wide enterprise management and decision making; streamline financial services; create a more efficient and effective FM systems environment; reduce complexity and cost of systems landscapes; enable rather than hinder the delivery of services; be more responsive with less intervention by back-office specialists in routine transactions; enable Chief Financial Officers and financial management functions to provide higher-value services and advice to programs and decision makers; and, provide timely accurate financial and resource management information.

The foundational work has also led to the planning and design of a new solution for FM, known as the Government of Canada Finance and Materiel (GCFM) Solution.

The first instance of the GCFM Solution will be rolled out to an initial wave of small departments and agencies (SDAs) for April 1, 2018. The Solution will establish a scalable, robust foundation that streamlines and standardizes FM processes and services, and sets the stage for Financial Management (FM) transformation across the GC in preparation for a roll-out to most departments and agencies over time.

Transformation 2-2

Language of presentation: Bilingual
Simultaneous interpretation available.

14:50 - 16:00





Rooms 205 & 207

Panel -graphic2Speakers:
Colleen Chambers, Senior Manager, Risk Advisory, Interis | BDO Canada;
Daniel Mixture, Manager, Transformation & Change, Interis | BDO Canada;
Michelle O'Brien, Manager, Planning & Performance, Interis | BDO Canada

An effective transformation project should address a complex web of conditions and emotions. Establishing the appropriate balance between ambition and barriers is the basis for an effective strategy. Change succeeds when everyone consistently focuses on the desired business outcomes. Delivering change effectively means coming to grips with the activities you actually need to complete that includes actively monitoring and addressing the risks that could derail a project. This presentation will focus on the i) key elements to successfully deliver transformation projects, and ii) problems that arise when those activities are ignored or deviate.

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Language of presentation: English
Simultaneous interpretation available.

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