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Keynote Speaker | Janet Lapp


Janet Lapp

Change Leadership Expert,
Author, Television Host


Dr. Janet Lapp is a change expert who helps people and companies to adapt to change in a positive and productive way. A former University professor, researcher, clinician, and registered nurse, she was born and raised in Canada, and her PhD with Honors is from McGill University in Montreal. A licensed clinical psychologist and author of five books, she has been admitted into the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame ... the 'Oscar' of Professional Speaking, and one year was rated by Toastmasters as one of the top three speakers worldwide.

Dr. Lapp translates clinical and academic knowledge into down-to-earth, humorous and powerful messages that inspire and encourage others to adopt the mindset to change and adapt to whatever forces and challenges there are in their specific arenas. For over 25 years, from Russia to Argentina to Hong Kong, she has presented professionally in English, French or Spanish to over 1,500 government agencies and Fortune 100 clients.

She is the creator and host of the CBS-series Keep Well, has been nominated for local Emmy Awards, and has appeared regularly on INN, ABC, CNN, and NBC affiliates. She is author of five books: Dancing with Tigers, Plant your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air (a change management book used by both Ritz-Carlton and IBM sales for their change efforts), Positive Spin, Why Won't They Listen to Me? (leadership), and Lead at the Edge of Change (adapting to fast change).

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