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Keynote Speaker | Jean (JJ) Brun

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Jean (JJ) Brun

aka "The Retired Spy", Author,
President & CEO of JJ Communications Inc.,
Certified Human Behaviour Specialist




If you have ever had a great idea rejected, you will appreciate the importance of how JJ Brun can influence results. For anyone trying to build interaction, trust and collaboration with others and organizations, JJ has the key to make it happen. He spent 15 years in the intelligence branch of the military, building networks of contacts in conflict zones such as the Middle East, Bosnia and Croatia. Whether dealing with Generals or scoundrels, he became an expert at getting locals to buy-in, provide him with information and recruit others to do the same. JJ will show attendees that they can read people, understand the clues to "what makes them tick" and to present ideas that get buy-in. Educational and fun, attendees learn as much about themselves as they do about others.


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Language of presentation: English
Simultaneous interpretation available.

JJ Brun, better known as "The Retired Spy", is a Human Behaviour and Communications Specialist. Trained by the military to operate in hostile environments and get buy-in from even the most reluctant person, JJ is truly someone who has walked the walk.

As a member of the Canadian Forces, working overseas where, amid the chaos of blurred front lines and unstable loyalties, JJ established one of the largest networks of local contacts pulling in critical and timely information that saved many lives. JJ's expertise and highly developed skills, within the field of Human Behaviour, is recognized internationally in utilizing Decoding Human Capital as a business strategy in order to provide communication solutions that drive business results.

JJ is a best-selling Author, Senior Master Trainer and a Professional Speaker dedicated to positively impacting on how people relate and communicate. JJ now works with business leaders who want to learn how Decoding Human Capital and Thinking Like a Spy can give them a competitive edge... in business and in their personal lives.

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