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Keynote Speaker | Ryan Hreljac

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Ryan Hreljac

Global Youth Leader, Canadian Activist,
Founder of the Ryan's Well Foundation



Ryan Hreljac has a wonderful, inspiring story for people who are scratching their heads about the "younger generation". Sure, young adults are texting instead of talking and they are playing their video games, but they are doers and they are motivated. They are just not motivated by the same things that motivate their parents. He has been a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and dined with Prince Edward at Buckingham Palace. He has received numerous awards including the Order of Ontario and the Canadian Meritorious Service Medal. His work has also been featured in dozens of textbooks and hundreds of books and magazines including Time, Christian Science Monitor, People Magazine, and Reader's Digest. He is recognized by UNICEF as a Global Youth Leader and by CNN as a CNN Hero. Get the perspective from 25-year-old, Ryan Hreljac, an inspiring young man who has made a difference to hundreds of thousands of people in Africa, India and the Caribbean. Whether he is speaking to 150 Government finance Officers in Alberta or 4,500 professionals at the World Ground Water Conference in Las Vegas, he is the perfect speaker to bring a sense of youth, understanding and hope to your group.