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Achieving Results

Monday, November 20th

Day 1



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The public sector is currently undergoing rapid change and transformation with a renewed focus on innovation, interaction and results delivery. The Achieving Results stream will provide participants with an increased awareness of the significant government-wide initiatives that support the change management journey of organizations focused on results. Sessions may also explore associated challenges and opportunities, innovative solutions, practical strategies, and best practices. Lessons will help the financial community adjust their initiatives and projects to achieve results.

In accordance with PD Week 2017's theme "InterAction", speakers will share information relating to changes in how we deliver policies and programs to achieve optimal results together. Further, associated implementation updates and progress towards achieving these initiatives are covered.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve participant's understanding of significant government-wide initiatives supporting the achievement of results.
  • Gain knowledge of how this government-wide initiative will impact a participant's work environment and how they may adapt to those changes.
  • Learn about new techniques and approaches applicable to public sector management and their benefits in your daily work.

These learning objectives will further support behavioral, functional, as well as key leadership competencies established by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

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Christina Norris, Director of Operations, Results and Delivery, Privy Council Office

The Government of Canada has put forward an ambitious agenda and is committed to delivering real and meaningful results to Canadians. To deliver on this commitment, the Government implemented a new results and delivery approach. Christina Norris, Director of Operations within the Results and Delivery Unit of the Privy Council Office, will share her overview and insight on supporting the agenda; how departments/agencies will define, measure and report outcomes for Canadians; and, what the current status is of this very important initiative.


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Language of presentation: English
Simultaneous interpretation available.



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Martin Duggan, Special Advisor on Transformation, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

The way Canadians receive service has changed enormously over the past 10 to 15 years. The rise of the internet and mobile channels, the changes in demographics, and the use of data in different ways has all impacted service models across the country.  

As one of the largest providers of service to Canadians, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is working on a Multi-Year Service Transformation Program to implement its service strategy and incorporate these types of changes.

This session will explore those service changes, ESDC's plans, as well as, offer a glimpse of where the initiatives of other countries may lead us in the future.


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Language of presentation: English
Simultaneous interpretation available.






Connie Siu -FMI Sm

Connie Siu, President,
CDC Synectics Inc.

Results matter to every organization. While dashboards and scorecards offer reams of statistics, often they don't provide insightful information on performance. The challenge is not a lack of metrics, the problem is measuring irrelevant results.

To optimize resource utilization, effective performance measurement can serve as a strategic tool. The secret is to get clarity on goals and results. Well-defined results help to focus on what is important for the organization. Monitoring pertinent results avoids spending invaluable resources on irrelevant initiatives.

Attend this interactive session and learn how to overcome performance measurement challenges, turn goals into clear results, critique the effectiveness of performance indicators, develop sound measures, and enhance the performance management framework. Participants will leave with a fresh perspective on performance measurement and practical tips to transform into results-focused organizations.


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Language of presentation: English
Simultaneous interpretation available.

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