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Critical Thinking

Tuesday, November 21st

Day 2



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Strategic Thinking for Management

The Critical Thinking Stream will focus on improving strategic thinking skills for financial officers and executives. Mastery of this discipline is a lifelong challenge, but strategic thinking capacity at any level yields results that can make all the difference. The goal is for financial officers and executives to acquire the basic knowledge, fundamental skills, and key attitudes of a strategic thinker.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop awareness of the skills required to think strategically in the workplace.
  • Understand the importance of thinking and leading strategically in your daily work.
  • Recognize how strategy lives within an organization.
  • Identify your strategic thinking strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Increase your competitiveness in the workplace.

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Silhouette TrioSpeakers:
Mike Hawkes, Financial Management and Training Consultant, and former CFO at Public Works and Government Services Canada;
Pablo Sobrino, Executive Advisor, Canada School of Public Service; former Associate ADM, Acquisitions Branch, Public Works and Government Services Canada (Retired); AND
Sue Stimpson, Management Consultant and former Vice President and CFO, Canadian International Development Agency

As per Treasury Board's Policy on Financial Management, the designated Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is empowered to provide strategic financial and business advice and support to senior departmental managers. The objective of the policy is for financial resources of the Government of Canada to be well-managed in the delivery of programs to Canadians, and safeguarded through balanced controls that enable flexibility and manage risk. In order to help financial officers and executives acquire these skills, this session will feature a panel of 3 CFOs who will speak about how strategic thinking played an important role in their respective functions as CFOs. The panel will also share how strategic thinking is a key element for financial officers aspiring to advance and become Directors, DGs, DCFOs or CFOs. A brief period for questions will follow.


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   Language of presentation: English
Simultaneous interpretation available.






Greg Fyffe, Adjunct Research Professor, Centre for Public Management and Policy, University of Ottawa; AND
Thomas Townsend, Visiting Scholar, Centre for Public Management and Policy, University of Ottawa and former Executive Head (ADM) of the Policy Research Initiative (Horizons Canada)

This session will help participants gain a better insight into their own strategic thinking skills by considering the following points:

  • Strategic thinking and why it's important.
  • Essential success factors.
  • Step-by-step strategic thinking process.


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Language of presentation: English
Simultaneous interpretation available.

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