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Le Francophile

Wednesday, November 22nd

Day 3



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Le Francophile stream will cover subjects that are of interests to the broad financial management community. The focus will be on new initiatives and emerging trends in the area of financial management, accounting, planning, budgeting and reporting. Participants will enhance their knowledge of key financial management activities, new initiatives and leadership competencies that may impact their daily financial responsibilities.

By the end of the day participants will:

  • have a better understanding of the mental abilities necessary to let radiate your potential and bring out the Olympian in you;
  • appreciate the importance of new emerging trends and financial initiatives and how they might impact daily financial activities; and
  • understand the roles and capabilities of key internal and external partners and how the financial management community interacts with them.

Sessions in French with English simultaneous interpretation available.

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Jean François Ménard, Performance Psychology Specialist, Founder and President of Kambio Performance

When it comes to elite performance, the Olympic athlete must learn to be confident in his/her ability to manage pressure and concentrate despite multiple environmental distractions. The same applies in an office. Your brain must be able to face the day-to-day challenges effectively. Be aware that "mental toughness" is a skill that is no longer simply an asset. It has become an absolute necessity.

Being mentally strong allows you to be confident, to think clearly, to find calm during stressful moments and to improve decision-making. These are all essential elements that give you a competitive edge, ensure your success and that of your team.

This session will present, teach and train the mental skills necessary to let your potential shine and bring out the Olympian in you!


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Language of presentation: French
Simultaneous interpretation available.








Donna Kirkwood, PhD, Chief Scientist, OCS, Deputy Minister's Office, Natural Resources Canada

In this session, Donna Kirkwood will provide an overview of Canada's ongoing commitment to Science, Technology and Innovation. More specifically, she will share the importance of its partnership and collaboration. She will also speak to the important role of Financial Officers in supporting Science, Technology and Innovation.


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Language of presentation: French
Simultaneous interpretation available.

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