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PSMW 2012

The theme for this year's Public Sector Management Workshop is "Sustainability in the Public Sector - Securing the Future." Public sector operations have a significant impact on our infrastructure, economy, environment and communities. An increasing demand from citizens for accountability and transparency, coupled with greater scrutiny, has provided the public sector with an opportunity to develop and implement sustainable practices. 

In Canada, the concept of sustainable development has been integrated into federal legislation. TheFederal Sustainable Development Act, passed in 2008, will strengthen sustainable development practices within the federal government.  The Province of New Brunswick is also focused on addressing current challenges in an effort to return to sustainable government spending, programs and services.

All levels of government have a role to play in advancing sustainable development in the current economic environment. The conference will focus on the following dimensions: 

  • Communities & Infrastructure
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Society
  • Environment
  • Public Sector Sustainability
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