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PSMW 2015

Victoria, B.C.

May 24th - 26th, 2015

We've all grown up in a Canada where the economy and worker productivity grew each year. But what happens when our demographics shift and the Canadian economy begins to contract?

Future prospects for the Canadian economy are linked to economic growth and worker productivity. Understanding the importance of growth and productivity to our economy and the underlying trends are important to support government policy makers and financial managers in responding to future economic challenges.

PSMW 2015 will focus on the implications to government of trends towards lower economic growth and productivity in the Canadian economy and how government can respond to these challenges.

Growth and Productivity - The Way Forward

  • The relevancy of growth and productivity to the Canadian Economy
  • Trends in economic growth and productivity in the Canadian Economy
  • How can Government influence economic growth and productivity
  • How can Government respond to the challenges of lower economic growth and productivity


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Host Facilities

Victoria Conference Centre
720 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC

Fairmont Empress Hotel
7221 Government Street, Victoria, BC

Workshop Co-Chairs

Derek Cockburn
fmi*igf Victoria

Gordon Gunn
fmi*igf Victoria

Sylvie Séguin
fmi*igf National

Honorary Chair

Stuart A. Newton
Comptroller General, Province of British Columbia



Visitor Experiences

Victoria has something for everyone! There's so much to do and see, it's just a matter of choosing. Whether you're strolling along the causeway in the Inner Harbour, enjoying a whale watching adventure, indulging in the distinct West Coast cuisine or taking in a local theatre production, Victoria's attractions add up to a trip to remember.


Photos: Courtesy of Tourism Victoria



While you're in Victoria, let the PSMW 2015 Organizing Committee connect you to a variety of visitor experiences that you will love!

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