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PSMW 2016


Each year the Financial Management Institute of Canada hosts two major national events. The first is Professional Development Week (PDWeek) which is held each November in Ottawa and the second is Public Sector Management Workshop (PSMW) which is hosted in one of the regional chapter cities each spring. In 2016, St. John's is scheduled to be the host city.

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PSMW 2016 1

Everyone currently working in any level of government is operating in an environment that has changed significantly since the beginning of the twenty first century and this year's PSMW theme reflects this situation of change.

  • changing citizen expectations
  • changing demographics
  • changing technologies
  • changing economics
  • changing workforce

APRIL 2016 newsletter

PSMW 2016 at-a-glance

PSMW 2016 3

  Photos by William Follett

PSMW 2016 3

PSMW 2016 2The only certainty in our world these days is the increasing rate of change. As Canadians, we have never been more connected to each other and to the rest of the world. We expect tailored services from our public sector, immediate responses to any questions, 24/7 availability of services and increasing transparency and accountability from our governments. We are allowing more and more personal data to be collected through electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones, yet we expect this data to remain protected and to only be used for its intended purpose.

While changing demographics and fiscal constraints are forcing governments to innovate the way they deliver government services and how they partner with the private sector to ensure service delivery, technology is also allowing governments at all levels to engage with citizens in a whole new way.

PSMW 2016 will explore the many areas of change our country is currently facing and what governments can do and have been doing to respond to changes and build resiliency for an unpredictable future.