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Aspiring Leaders Network

December 11, 2014 at 12:00pm EDT

Briefing Senior Management

So you're working on a high profile project and are asked to provide a 10 minute briefing to your Director General on your progress. What do you say and where would you start?  Even worse, what if your DG surprises you at the your Christmas party for a quick update?  These golden opportunities for young professionals to demonstrate their value to senior management is unfortunately often squandered because employees don't know how to effectively brief senior management.

In this webinar, we'll explore some of the common errors and best practices for briefing senior management. We are bringing together both a senior manager and a mid-level manager to discuss their distinct views on the matter. Presented by the Aspiring Leaders Network, and moderated by ALN Chair, Jack Diao, this webinar promises to be a great resource for young professionals and aspiring professionals across numerous fields.

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Dave Miller, Consultant and Ex-Senior Federal Government Financial Manager


 David Miller left the federal pubic service in 2004 with over 35 years of experience, most of which related to the financial management function in both operational departments and the Treasury Board Secretariat.

He was the Assistant Secretary, Expenditure Management at TBS during the 3 years of Program Review implementation but, in his last permanent position (1997-2004), he switched to an operational role as the Assistant Commissioner of Assessment and Collections for the Canada Revenue Agency. As such, he was responsible for most aspects of tax administration and income related benefits, including some of the government's largest system development and change management projects.

Since leaving the government, he has worked for the International Monetary Fund in providing assistance to developing countries such as Indonesia and Macedonia, completed various contracts with federal departments on project and program evaluation as well as resource reviews and temporarily filled key financial positions during periods of transition in a number of departments such as Agriculture, Health, Infastructure, Finance and Industry Canada.

Jocelyn Gaumond, Manager, Financial Systems & Client Services, Financial and Reporting Products Directorate, PWGSC

2014 11 19 14

Jocelyn has worked for the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) for the past 18 years. He started his career as a junior financial officer with the Accounting Banking and Compensation Sector of PWGSC where he assumed responsibilities under the mandate of the Receiver General for Canada. Jocelyn has also worked for the Chief Financial Officer Branch of the department working in the fields of financial management, financial systems and more recently as a manager with the Accounting Operations Directorate responsible for the account verification framework as well as acting as the Senior Financial Travel Officer of the department. For the past two years Jocelyn has returned to the Accounting, Banking and Compensation Branch where he is currently a manager responsible for the client services, maintenance and development of the Common Departmental Financial System (CDFS).

His background and experience in de-briefing Senior Management spans from directly briefing the CFO on Treasury Board Submissions and the Account Verification audit results to indirectly de-briefing the Deputy Minister and Minister on various travel files (ie: foreign travel plans, ) as well as de-briefing various management tables at the ADM & DG levels.

Jocelyn is also very actively involved with the PWGSC Managers Network, Youth Network, GCWCC and Destination 2020 activities going on in his department.


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