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Jennifer Fiddian-Green / Det. Ian Nichol

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Identity Theft: Fallout, Investigation and Prevention

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in Canada, and it costs individuals and organizations huge sums of money in damages every year.  Join us for a discussion on ID theft.  Our panelists will discuss personal stories of ID theft, investigations into the crime, institutional weaknesses that criminals exploit, and general preventative practices. 


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Jennifer Fiddian-Green, CPA, CA-IFA, CMA, CFI, CFE, CAMS, Forensic Accounting, Investigations and Anti-Money Laundering, Grant Thornton LLP Canada

Jennifer Fiddian-Green is a partner with Grant Thornton LLP's Advisory Services, practicing exclusively in thearea of Forensic Accounting, Investigative and Litigation Services.  She leads a team of professionals who work with a variety of clients across the full realm of forensic accounting, investigative services and litigation support.  Jennifer is a CICA qualified investigation and forensic accountant and is an anti-money laundering ("AML") specialist.

Jennifer has investigated, reported and managed numerous fraud investigations involving both civil and criminal allegations.  She has testified in criminal court in relation to cases she worked on when she was hired to work with the RCMP's Proceeds of Crime Unit in Kingston of Ontario as their in-house forensic accountant.  Jennifer worked with that unit for 2 years and still remembers fondly her days working with the mounties and the many joint task force initiatives.  In addition to investigating fraud currently, she also works with clients to understand fraud and money laundering risks, to implement strategies to prevent and detect fraud and to comply with government legislation.

Jennifer was awarded the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario's Award of Distinction in September 2006.  

Prior to that... in 2004/2005 Jennifer herself was the victim of identity theft and this gave her the opportunity to understand the crime from the victim perspective, to investigate and to also challenge the current financial system and how organizations within were operating. 


Detective Ian Nichol, Toronto Police Service Financial Crimes Unit, Organized Crime Section

Ian Nichol is a member of the Toronto Police Service. He has been a sworn police officer since1988. Ian has spent 9 years in uniformed postings at 52, 53, and 14 Divisions, in addition to 16 years in investigative positions at divisional detective offices and district street crime units. He was promoted to the rank of sergeant in 2002.

Currently, Ian is a detective assigned to the Toronto Police Service Financial Crimes Unit, Organized Crime Section, where he is tasked to investigate offences that are multi-jurisdictional in nature, and/or related to organized crime. Ian has been designated as an expert witness in credit card forgery.


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