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Renée Gendron

Tuesday, March 18, 2016

Dealing with Difficult Discussions in the Workplace

As promised, FMI's Aspiring Leaders Network is proud to announce another Webinar, coming to you on March 18 (at 12.00 EST in French, at 13.00 EST in English). You can now send in your questions via email (aln@fmi.ca).

Difficult conversations are inevitable at work and we do not always know what is the best thing to say at the right moment. Join our webinar on How to handle difficult conversations and send in your questions and/or scenarios for discussion. We will be sharing some tips and best practices on how to approach these types of discussions.

Renée Gendron

Renée Gendron, MA, Principal, Vitae Dynamics Inc. 
The founder of Vitae Dynamics Inc., Renée Gendron, has studied and investigated economic changes in the workplace for the past ten years. She applies her mediation, training and research skills in helping individuals, start-ups, ecopreneurs, and well-established companies and organisations remodel their business relations to ones that are better adapted to current and future operating conditions. Renée is interested in transforming destructive conflicts in the workplace and in the economy. Renée holds a master's degree in social sciences from the University of Amsterdam and is a ph.d student in humanities at the Utrecht University. She holds certificates in negotiation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution from the Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation. In addition she holds a certificate in community mediation from St-Stephen's House - Ontario Community Mediation Coalition. She is trilingual: French, English and Dutch. 

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