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Scott Jones / Ewan Willars

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cyber Security: Threat and Prevention

As technology increasingly becomes integrated in our personal and professionals lives, Cyber Security is becoming more and more important for organizations and individuals, alike. From the Heartbleed bug to the most recent attack on US Health Insurer, Anthem, cyber-crime is increasing in both range and scope. Is your organization prepared?

Join us for this webinar, where we will be bringing together 2 experts in the field of cyber security to discuss the issue. First, our panelists will demonstrate how attacks occur; what they look like and what to expect. This will be followed-up with a discussion specifically relating cyber threats to financial management professionals; the different steps financial managers can take to prevent these attacks against their organizations.

Scott Jones 150

Scott Jones - Director General of Cyber Defence, Communications Security Establishment of Canada 
Scott Jones is the Director General of Cyber Defence with CSEC. Cyber Defence is responsible for defending systems of importance to the Government of Canada from cyber intrusion.

Prior to this role, Scott was the Director of Cyber Defence Operations and Capabilities Development. Scott was also seconded to the Privy Council Office as a National Security Policy Advisor in the Security and Intelligence Secretariat.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electronic Systems Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He completed a Masters of Business Administration in General Management from the University of Ottawa.  

Ewan Willars - Director of Policy, ACCA GlobalEwan Willars ACCA 150

Ewan Willars has spent 15 years working in public policy and research roles across a range of sectors.  A politics and economics postgraduate, he spent his formative career working with a number of professional bodies, influencing the UK and EU agendas on issues as diverse as planning law, climate change, urban regeneration, economic development and state aid.  He also led the respected Building Futures thinktank, an influential thought leader in the world of construction and architecture.

Swapping the world of property for the financial sector, he joined ACCA in 2010, taking up the role of policy director. Since this time ACCA has transformed its research and insights program, which is a key part of the organization's global engagement strategy. Ewan and his team ensure that ACCA maintains a leading voice in the political and business debate surrounding the future of the accountancy profession, helping to shape the role that accountants play in business and society at large.

A big focus of ACCA's research and advocacy program has been understanding the drivers of change that are shaping the accountancy profession, and the world of business and finance more widely. The significant and disruptive influence of technology, the greater use of non-financial data, enhanced analytics, and the issues that surround these developments - such as effective data management and ensuring cybersecurity - have been a core element of the innovative research ACCA has been developing in recent years. Research projects such as Digital Darwinism, Big Data: its Power and Perils and 100 Drivers of Change have provided thought provoking and influential insights into what the future holds for the profession, and the challenges and opportunities it faces.

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