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Yvan Bastien / Marc Billard

Thursday, November 7, 2013

CHANGE MANAGEMENT: An overview of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the importance of Benefit Realization Management for Project Managers and Financial Professionals

The project management profession is flourishing and the role of the project manager is in transition. In addition to being an expert in planning and control techniques, today's PM must also coordinate the project team's work and ultimately protect the organization against uncertainty.

With this increased responsibility also comes an enhanced sense of accountability for the realization of the project's intended benefits. Beyond managing the triple constraint, a PM who keeps the team's focus on achieving intended benefits will be a key partner of the organization.

This webinar will being with an overview of the Project Management Institute, outlining the work it undertakes as well as the benefits it offers its members.  The panelists will then present a unique perspective on the importance of the realization of a project's intended benefits and will offer practical tools and approaches to help in your quest to become a valuable ally.

Yvan _bastienYvan Bastien, Professional Development Trainer, Global Knowledge, Treasurer at PMI OVOC (Ottawa Valley Outaouais Chapter), Founder of BANYA Consulting

Yvan Bastien is a professional development trainer for Global Knowledge where he trains students in a variety of business and personal leadership skills.  In recent professional engagements, M. Bastien was Sr. Project Manager and Sr. Business Consultant at MD Financial, a division of the Canadian Medical Association.

Mr. Bastien also teaches various management courses for the Canadian School of the Public Service and is a trainer and avid student of interest-based negotiation and alternative dispute resolution concepts which are key drivers in his professional and personal endeavors.

Mr. Bastien has been a PMP and member of PMI since 2003 and has played an active role in promoting the Project Management profession.

Marc BillardMarc Billard, Director of Outreach, PMI OVOC (Ottawa Valley Outaouais Chapter), Consulting Manager at Keelut Consulting

Marc Billard's career spans over 25 years during which he quickly reached the responsibilities of National Manager. Since then, he has been acting as a consulting manager, in part, for international consulting firms like Sierra Systems, Deloitte Consulting and Andersen Business Consulting. Marc worked as a Senior Project Manager with different levels of government, as a Program Manager for NPOs rolling out education programs for adults (THRC National Sector Council), as a Lead Analyst redesigning Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement systems (University of Ottawa), as a volunteer for professional associations (PMI OVOC, Toastmasters, etc.) and as an informal mentor to aspiring professionals.

After initiating the first social media efforts for PMI OVOC, Marc took on the development of other Outreach needs like the NPO Outreach Program that aims at efficiently working with other organizations in our community while providing to their memberships information about project management practices in their discipline and what services PMI OVOC offers to local professionals.

Marc also developed the Student Affairs Program that should see the formation of PMI OVOC Sections in every Universities and Colleges of the National Capital Region (NCR) and Eastern Ontario. This is with the hope of reaching out to the estimated 3000 people studying project management at anytime in the OVOC jurisdiction


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