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Industry Roundup

The Canadian economy shrivelled in the second quarter to its worst performance in seven years, Statistics Canada said Wednesday. The contraction reported Wednesday compared with growth at an annual pace of 2.5 per cent Pdf... Read more


Dr. Jack Kitts oversees 12,000 employees and an annual budget of $1.2 billion as the chief executive of The Ottawa Hospital (TOH), which serves more than 1 million people
Dr. Jack Kitts, 60, oversees 12,000 employees and an annual budget of $1.2 billion as the chief executive of The Ottawa Hospital (TOH), which serves more than 1 million people. PdfRead more


Whether or not it survives appeal, Europe's $27B ruling will focus attention on tax avoidance. Apple is getting more publicity than it ever dreamed of just before the expected launch of its new iPhone 7. You'd think CEO Tim Cook would be happier.
August 31, 2016

Feature Articles

Brexit - Picking Up the Pieces
Gillian Fawcett
Photodune -11607089-eu -uk -brexit -s
In the United Kingdom the general public is possibly living through the most politically tumultuous period of their lives following the vote to leave the European Union (EU) on June 23rd, 2016.  The outcome was not the one expected by the UK Government or wanted by people living in Scotland, London and Liverpool; to name but a few of the places in the UK that voted to stay in the EU.  Read more

Lean: It's Not Rocket Science, It's Work Science
Joanne Gaudet and France Bergeron

Photodune -LEAN 2The main goal of this paper is to deepen the understanding of Lean as a science of work based on flow, in any context, whether in manufacturing, in government, in health care or at home. As long as there is work performed, implementation of Lean as science can increase efficiency, effectiveness, creativity, innovation and foster a learning culture.   Read more 

Chapter News From

On June 1st, FMI-PEI welcomed the Honourable Doug Currie, PEI's Minister of Education, Early Learning and Culture, to open its session on "Strategic Financial Management Advice."   Read more 
The focus for the breakfast event on June 7th was "Managing Uncertainties" with Bailey Church, CPA, CA, CIA and a Partner in KPMG's Accounting Services.   The Fredericton Chapter is lucky to have Mr. Church as a standing date to offer valuable insight to the financial community.  Read more 
IGF-Québec's 2015-2016 season wrapped up on June 15th with a presentation by Ms. Guylaine Leclerc, Auditor General of Québec since February 2015. Ms. Leclerc provided an overview of her organization's strategic direction. She mentioned that, more than ever, the organization's activities will provide added value for the people of Québec.   Read more 
On September 22nd, IGF-Montréal will launch its 2016-2017 program season with guest speaker Ms. Guylaine Leclerc, Auditor General of Québec, at the offices of the National Bank of Canada.   Read more 
The FMI-Capital Chapter (FMI-CC) has had an exciting spring and summer in the nation's capital. The Program year concluded with many successful events. On October 20th, FMI-CC will be offering its first PD Day of the new season with "Deliverology - The Role of the Strategic Advisor."  Read more 
FMI Ontario Chapter Reboot - Ontario Chapter is on-track for its official kick-off event on Thursday, October 25th at the University of Toronto's Father Madden Hall.  Read more 
On May 25th, some twenty participants attended a breakfast session with Deanna Bergbusch, Executive Director of the Planning, Accountability and Reporting Branch within the Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance.   Read more 
FMI Edmonton will be hosting its 2016-2017 kick-off professional development event on Wednesday, September 21st on "Fostering Innovation in the Public Service When Money is Tight." Public servants are expected to be innovative while working in a risk adverse environment.  Read more 
It was another fantastic year for the FMI Victoria Chapter. We were successful in our implementation of the new registration system which has made registration and tracking of our events very easy.  We sent one member and one board member to Ottawa last Fall to enjoy and experience PD Week 2015 and we were able to send three members to St. John's, ...   Read more 

News From National Office 2
It can certainly be said that the National Capital Region has had a lovely summer if you like temperatures in the 40's, humidity and torrential rain. 40's, humidity and torrential rain. However, that hasn't slowed down activities at the FMI National Office. Between PSMW 2016 St. John's, launching of the first module of the online course in the Leadership Series, planning for PD Week 2016, and year-end to name a few, 'vacation-mode' for National staff was practically non-existent.     Read more


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