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e-Journal January 2016


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Upcoming Events



January 27: Edmonton Chapter PD Event "Public Service and Its Unions"

January 28: Manitoba Chapter's PD Lunch "Change in the North End: The Merchants Corner Project"

February 3: Capital Chapter PD Day "Career Management - Transition between CAE to Senior Financial Executive"

February 3: IGF-Québec PD Luncheon "How to Stand Out Amongst the Best"

February 11: South-East New Brunswick Chapter Morning Learning Session "Fraud 101"

February 11: Montréal Chapter Prestige Luncheon

March 10: Montréal Chapter Prestige Luncheon

March 17: Edmonton Chapter PD Event "The Art of Influencing Others"







Industry Roundup

This report reviews the evolution of household indebtedness in Canada and assesses prospects for household financial vulnerability over the medium term. The assessment, however, is based on financial indicators that represent economy-wide averages, which can mask wide variation across households. An assessment of financial vulnerability based on household microdata is beyond the scope of this report. 


Whether BlackBerry Ltd stays in hardware business will come to 'critical juncture' this year, analysts say
The saga of BlackBerry Ltd.'s hardware business, which is losing subscribers and money, will come to a "critical juncture" sometime this year, say Scotia Capital Inc. analysts.
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Canada's December inflation rate was the fastest in a year, led by double-digit gains for fruit and vegetables and a reduced drag from gasoline prices.

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January 22, 2016


Feature Articles

How Financially Fit Are You?
Gillian Fawcett


Photodune -7871780-canadian -dollar -puzzle -m Many public sector organizations around the world are evaluating whether they are financially fit to cope with the increasing public spending pressures. Using money well means more and better public services.  Read more

Antifragile Strategic Planning
Frank Potter


DSC05993b (2) A Tale of  Two Plans

A brand new strategic plan lands on your desk and it is a work of art! The colour schemes, visuals and the bold visions talk about a land of tomorrow in which everything will change. Getting up from your desk, you put it on your shelf next to the last equally dazzling strategic plan that has not been touched since it arrived a year ago.  Read more

Employee Engagement that Works
Alan G. Robinson and Dean M. Schroeder


Canstockphoto 8149858 (2) Continuous Improvement in New Brunswick
As leaders
in government feel increasing pressure to provide more and better services without raising taxes, there is growing interest in applying improvement techniques from the private sector that engage employees in efforts to cut costs and streamline services.   Read more

Chapter News From

St. John's
The St. John's Chapter started 2015-2016 the year off on September 23rd with guest speaker Milt Isaacs, President of the Association of Canadian Financial Officers (ACFO).  Read more

On December 1st, FMI Halifax was very fortunate to end off the calendar year with its annual Christmas luncheon that featured two excellent presentations.   Read more

On October 22, IGF-Québec members were invited to attend "Big Issues: Adapting Québec's Taxation System" presented by Mr. Luc Godbout, Director in the Department of Taxation at the Université de Sherbrooke. In June 2014, Mr. Godbout chaired the review commission on Québec taxation established by the provincial government.  Read more

On October 29th, IGF-Montréal launched its 2015-2016 season with the first luncheon presentation of its Prestige series "Geopolitics and Investments" at the National Bank.  Read more

It has been a busy start to the FMI-Capital Chapter 2015-2016 program year in Ottawa.  The October 22nd PD Day on Resource Management in our Changing Times: Emerging Expectations was highly attended by more than 80 public sector financial professionals.  Read more

In September, fmi*igf Manitoba's new fiscal year promised to be shaping up nicely: the first three presenters were booked, venue was ready to go and the weatherman was forecasting a mild winter.  Yes, this had to be too good to be true.   Read more 

The 2015-2016 program kicked off on October 28th with "Pathway to Excellence: Becoming a Visionary Leader." This breakfast presentation by Jason Cameron (personal development strategist and owner of Cameron Coaching Systems) provided tools to focus one's leadership to match their inner purpose.  Read more

The Crane: Edmonton's Official Bird? Driving through downtown Edmonton on November 18th, you would have been forgiven for not realizing that oil was been trending around $45US a barrel.  Read more

It has been quite an eventful time for the Victoria Chapter. We have implemented National's new registration system and continue to better understand its functionality. Event organizers are looking forward to a more streamlined process for the Chapter and its members.  Read more

News From National Office 2
PD Week 2015 has come and gone. Nearly 4,000 delegates took in 45 sessions and 4 plenaries during fmi*igf's 4-day flagship event. FMI would like to thank the 65-member PD Week 2015 Organizing Committee for truly making this event a tremendous success.   Read more