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Capital Chapter News

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With summer finally closing in, the FMI-Capital Chapter (FMI-CC) Board of Directors invites you to celebrate the Chapter's accomplishments over the past year.

May 2017 PD Day - Enterprise Management Transformation: Understanding the New Era of Leveraging Internal Control

On May 11th, FMI-CC hosted its third PD Day learning event of the program year, exploring the emerging requirements in financial, human resources, and procurement systems, and discovering how risk-based internal controls have become a key success indicator for government departments.

Senior management from various departments shared their valuable insights on Enterprise Management Transformation. This PD Day successfully built on the year's theme of integration and horizontal collaboration between enterprise-level systems, processes and people.

June 2017 PD Day - Financial Management Supporting the Government's Agenda

On June 15th, the FMI-CC hosted its last PD Day event of the program year. This PD Day enlisted engaging speakers who highlighted some of the Government of Canada's key priorities. Dynamic senior leaders, from inside and outside government, shared their perspectives on the various priorities of government by sector: Economic Policy Priorities; Social Policy Priorities; and, Innovation/Experimentation as a top priority.

As a special tribute to Canada's 150th Birthday, the day ended with speakers from "Celebrating Canada's 150th" initiative, who discussed their initiatives, strategies and partnerships with other levels of government.

Special Thanks

A big thank you goes out to those who contributed to the success of FMI-CC's 2016-2017 program year, including members of the PD committee, volunteers, guest speakers, and those within the financial management community who supported collaboration with FMI-CC.

Going Forward… 2017-2018 Season Opener

FMI-CC will be launching its new season on September 21st in partnership with the Ottawa Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Check the website for program and social details of the Season Opener!

Going Forward… Getting Involved!

FMI-CC is on the outlook for passionate community volunteers to get involved in a number of committees, as well as the Board of Directors! A number of FMI-CC committees are currently recruiting for new talents:

  • Aspiring Leaders Network: This committee's outreach extends to young professionals and senior management of various government departments, organizations and professional groups.
  • Finance and Audit Committee: Looking for an FMI-CC general member to be part of the Finance and Audit Committee. Click here for more details.
  • PD Day Committee: Looking for volunteers interested in discovering PD Day planning, over the longer term, to help you strengthen your career profile and develop your professional network.
  • Board Recruitment: A number of Board positions are currently vacant. To view available positions and the requirements of each, click here.

Contact for further information on the opportunities above and find out how you can make a difference in the community!

Many thanks again to all FMI-CC volunteers, supportive Patrons and Sponsors that make FMI-CC program year such a success. Have a great summer and stay tuned for FMI-CC's 2017-2018 program framework coming your way!


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For more information on the Capital Chapter's events and activities, please visit www.fmi.ca/chapters/capital.