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Halifax Chapter News

Halifax Eng

On March 22nd, the FMI Halifax Chapter hosted a morning session titled "Which Comes First, the Program or the Program Evaluation? - The Cost and Accountability of Program Delivery". The Chapter welcomed speakers Nancy Carter, President of the Canadian Evaluation Society (Nova Scotia Chapter), and Dr. Marcus Sharaput, Assistant Professor, School of Public Administration at Dalhousie University. Why do we need evaluations and how do they assist us in our program delivery? Nancy and Marcus took us through the steps of how the evaluation must be planned, tell a story, improve decision-making and accountability, improve employee morale and contribute to organized learning. Proper evaluations must answer "why" and manage that communication to clients. With Nancy's background studies in organizational behavior and HR management, she delivered an indepth study of the process, while Marcus presented useful examples and techniques. Using logic models, they presented the process from Resources/Inputs to Activities to Outputs to Outcomes and finally to Impact. This very enlightening presentation was followed by an invitation to participants to attend a session at Dalhousie University.


Nancy Carter, FMI Halifax Director Michelle Hunter, and Dr. Marcus Sharaput.

FMI Halifax's next event was on April 19th with a presentation on "Cyber Security - Managing and Preventing Major Business Continuity Risks" with Mark Bernard, an author/leader/expert in cyber security. Mark advised attendees on the importance of testing security and gave several examples of motive, opportunity and capability, as well as mapping controls. "The ten best ways to make money if you were a criminal" also addressed ideas on how you should protect yourself from such scams. Some common sense approaches were matched against some unscrupulous attempts to obtain data and money. Regular system testing; access control list verification; and, sharing of information were all presented and discussed in some depth. Educational awareness is the key. Mark gave four tips for safeguarding information: keep info secret; password construction (suggesting a phrase or lyric); software updates; and never share private information.


Mark Bernard with FMI Halifax Director Janice Reid.


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