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It was a busy spring for the FMI Manitoba Chapter! With over 200 delegates gathering in Winnipeg from the Province and across Canada for PSMW 2017, planning for the event became a priority.

PSMW 2017 Logo SmAnd what an event it was! Not only was it an excellent opportunity to network with fmi*igf members from across Canada, it was also a unique hands-on learning opportunity. There were presentations by: Bill Mathews, Comptroller General of Canada; Mark Rodgers, President and CEO, Habitat for Humanity Canada; Susanne Robertson, CFO of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights; Martha Okot Thomas, President of fmi*igf's National Board of Directors; and Judy Richichi, Director at the Siloam Mission, who managed to make the room weep! There was also a panel of procurement experts and six breakout sessions of various topics focusing on PSMW's theme "Collaboration - Growth - Renewal"! 

PSMW 2017 was also an excellent opportunity to showcase Manitoba's unique culture and heritage with performances from local dance groups: La Troupe Jeunesse and Walking Wolf (First Nations Contemporary Dance Troup).


La Troupe Jeunesse


Walking Wolf

Organizing such an event requires a large number of man hours. The FMI-Manitoba Chapter would like to thank PSMW Co-Chairs and former Chapter Presidents, Robyn Van Vliet and Lynn Cowley for their tireless work! Of course, they were supported by members of the Organizing Committee: Allison Zimmer, Trevor de Ryck and Athena Dinos. There was also a lot of support from FMI National Office! Chris Egan, Caroline Désilets, Cheryl Elliott, Lynn Carroll and Nicolas Drolet each played a key part in the success of PSMW 2017 Winnipeg... be it managing the marketing material, ironing logos on promotional bags or simply keeping the team on track. But it didn't stop there! Volunteers from the Chapter Board, from the finance community and family members and friends all came together to help where they could. Yes… sisters, sons, daughters, boyfriends and girlfriends were solicited to volunteer, and they did so with a smile. Thank you to everyone for your help.

So, was the event a success? Most would base their response on the phenomenal program and impressive list of contributors, but another measure would be the great number of positive comments received and smiles seen throughout the venue. However, the measure most fitting was defined by Allison Zimmer…. "Success should be measured by the fun that was had". Despite a lot of work by the organizing committee, and having to manage a few problems along the way, everyone had fun!! So yes, PSMW 2017 was a success!!

Local committee.jpg

Local Organizing Committee - PSMW 2017 Winnipeg: Allison Zimmer,
Lynn Cowley (Co-Chair), Trevor de Ryck, Robyn Van Vliet (Co-Chair)
and Athena Dinos.


For more information on the Manitoba Chapter's events and activities, please visit www.fmi.ca/chapters/manitoba.