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e-Journal March 2016


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Upcoming Events



April 6: Manitoba Chapter's PD Lunch "Big Data Analytics" with Rodger Guinn

April 7:  IGF-Montréal's Prestiges luncheon "Co-designing solutions for citizens and Government relations" with Natalie St-Pierre of Richter

April 12: St. John's Chapter "The Path to Sustainability: Creating a Government Culture with a Cost Conscience" with Deloitte's Kevin Horseman

April 13: IGF-Québec PD lunch "Mandate of the UPAC" with Robert Lafrenière, Commissioner for the Fight Against Corruption, Unité permanente anticorruption

May 19: FMI-Capital Chapter PD Day "Enterprise Management Transformation: Understanding the New Era of Leveraging Internal Control" at the Château Laurier Hotel

May 19:  IGF-Montréal's Prestiges luncheon "The Inner Workings of a Prestigious Organization" with Madeleine Careau of the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal

May 26:  ALN-CC Spring Reception/Networking Event at The ARC Hotel, Ottawa

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Industry Roundup

Hundreds of Canadians have been linked to a massive leak of offshore financial dealings, news sources report. The release of the Panama Papers has linked a dozen world leaders, directly or indirectly, to offshore accounts involving Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm with offices around the world that offers offshore financial services.


California's Minimum Wage Will Be $15 an Hour. Where Does Your State Stand?
California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Monday that intends to provide the Golden State with the richest minimum wage. The law sets a $15 minimum wage in California by 2022 for businesses with more than 25 employees and by 2023 for smaller firms.
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After almost two years of sinking oil prices and at least 40,000 job cuts, Canada's petroleum industry still isn't finished tackling its bloated operations.
The next round of layoffs has already begun with Cenovus Energy Inc. and Murphy Oil Corp. announcing workforce reductions last week.
PD Week 2016

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April 5, 2016


Feature Articles

Linking Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement in Canadian Public Organizations
Raili M. Pollanen


Photodune -11477906-business -hand -pushing -performance -on -virtual -screen -s (2) Strategic planning and performance measurement are now commonly accepted and important management processes in most public organizations. Strategic planning establishes strategic objectives and performance targets, and performance measures aim to assess their achievement.  Read more

Threats to Rational Decision-Making in Local Government Finance
Bree E. Nation and Tammy R. Waymire


Photodune -14699151-salesman -making -the -right -decision -s

Decision-making that is both rational and consistent with ethical values is a noble goal for government financial managers. Ethical challenges arise when there are conflicts of interest that provide the decision-maker an incentive to select a course of action that is not in the best interest of the government and its constituents.  Read more

Competitive Intelligence | Smart Phones
Charan Kumar Bommireddipalli and Leena Patel


Pic 1 'Intelligence Gathering'
Intelligence gathering has been an integral part of statecraft, so isinformation protection.
Encryption is essential to information protection ~ The Enigma machine was a key variable for Hitler's army to conquer and spread dominance in Europe during World War II, until its successful decryption by the English led to Hitler's defeat 
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Chapter News From

The first event of 2015-2016 was a lively presentation by Milt Isaacs, CPA, CMA, CPFA, President of the Association of Canadian Financial Officers (ACFO) on "Building a Sustainable Society - A Global Issue; A Local Imperative for Action".   Read more

"Fraud Awareness" is always a hot topic and the Halifax Chapter started off the New Year on January 20th with an interesting presentation from Hugh Avery, an expert in the field of forensic accounting for the past 13 years.   Read more

Paul Martin, FCPA, FCA, Comptroller of New Brunswick took time out of his busy schedule on November 6, 2015 to present his "Prospective from a Provincial Point of View" focussing on system integration, transformations and centralization.   Read more

On February 3, more than 200 members of IGF-Québec gathered to listen to Mr. Jean-Luc Tremblay, an author, seasoned manager and international speaker.  The theme of his presentation was "How to Shine Amongst the Best!"  Read more

After a busy start to the 2015-2016 program year, the Capital Chapter kicked off the New Year with an e-survey to its members, as well as CFOs, CAEs and key stakeholders, to gain valuable input...  Read more

On January 28th, the fmi*igf Manitoba Chapter invited Jim Silver, Professor and Chair of Urban and Inner City Studies at the University of Winnipeg to speak. An active member in the redevelopment of the inner city of Winnipeg, Mr. Silver has been involved with a number of projects including Lord Selkirk Park.   Read more 

The February 23rd one-day workshop on "Presenting Financial Information to Senior Government Officials" was well attended by current and new members. The facilitators for the workshop were Jim Marshall and Giselle Marcotte, Executives-in-Residence from Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School...  Read more

On January 27th, more than 115 people had the opportunity to hear from union leaders, columnists and industry experts on the question of what the costs and benefits are of a unionized public sector workforce.   Read more

In the Fall of 2015, Vancouver Chapter President (current and past), Karen Hall relocated to Vancouver Island to take on the role of Chief of Finance for the William Head Institution, Correctional Services Canada. Her leadership and long-term devotion... Read more

Spring has sprung in Victoria! And that means a few more events on the horizon including the Chapter's renowned two-day workshop. The breakfast session on March 11th focused on "Healthcare Funding:  What do we get and what should we expect? "   Read more

News From National Office 2
Once National Office staff has cleared the current PD Week from their to-do list, the thoughts of many are that there is time to kick-up one's heels and take a break. Farther could this be from the truth. FMI National has many projects on its plate and is experts at juggling several at the same time.   Read more