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Industry Roundup



There was plenty of speculation ahead of the federal budget surrounding what, exactly, might be included in the document when it finally went public. Several big-ticket items were noticeably absent. Read more

The Ontario government is bolstering its digital profile with its latest hire. The province announced on Mar. 27 that it has appointed Hillary Hartley as Ontario's first Chief Digital Office (CDO), in an effort to streamline online government services and improve efficiency.  Read more

Finance minister Bill Morneau's second budget a wordy rewrite of his previous one; in most instances, he is putting little or no money where his mouth is until just before the next election.  Read more

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March 31, 2017

Feature Articles

The Third Reengineering Curve
Charles Villanyi Bokor

Fotolia _120908556_S (2)
To re-engineer how we manage knowledge workers
In too many organizations today, expert staff are restricted by managers from using all their acquired knowledge because many managers do not have the expertise and understanding of the issues nor/or the management skills needed to lead them. Information- and knowledge- processing subject matter experts (SMEs) want to serve the needs and deliver as per the expectations of the organization, support its strategy and help it to succeed.  Read more

Developing a Management Dashboard for Local Government Enterprise Funds
Bryan Mantz
Fotolia _138178704_XS (2)Management dashboards are now commonly incorporated within financial models to communicate financial position, run financial scenarios, and illustrate how performance tracks with certain operational and financial metrics. If developed and used properly, a management dashboard can be an effective and impressive tool for helping to achieve support or buy-in of a government's financial plan.   Read more


Chapter News From

On February 15th, Michael Brazeau took attendees on a fantastic voyage into the 21st Century of Technologies and Innovations. In his presentation "Future of Canada in this Age of Disruption", he addressed the view that Canadians tend to be risk adverse, prefer smaller local industries and invest below the global average. The pace of change is increasing at a rate never before seen.  Read more
On January 26th, Kim MacPherson, CPA CA, Auditor General of the Province of New Brunswick, presented to session attendees the audit findings on the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) and NB Meat Safety.   Read more
On February 8, IGF-Québec was pleased to welcome Éric Martel, Chief Executive Officer of Hydro-Québec before a crowd of more than 225 participants. His presentation was entitled « Hydro-Québec : Leader de la révolution énergétique » (Hydro-Québec: Leader of the Energy Revolution).   Read more
With spring's footsteps closing in, the FMI Capital Chapter invites you to take a deep breath from the fast approaching year-end deadlines, and check out its unique professional development opportunities and interesting news!  Read more
The FMI Manitoba Chapter hosted its last PD luncheon event of the fiscal year on February 23rd. Invited guest, Chris Scott, Manager of Security and Loss Prevention with IKEA Canada Group, shared IKEA's philosophy on risk management. He also shared a tool that his team uses to identify and analyze company risk. Hearing some of his stories,  Read more
On February 16th, the FMI Regina Chapter hosted an dynamic participation featuring Michele Arscott, with the Office of Planning, Performance and Improvement, Government of Saskatchewan. This widely attended session on "Public Sector Performance Measurement: An Evolving Art" presented the importance of developing appropriate performance measures in order to monitor the implementation and effectiveness of organizational strategies, as well as to determine the gap between actual and targeted performance.   Read more
The Alberta Economy - Between a Budget and a Hard Place: February 9th was the second time that the FMI Edmonton Chapter explored this issue. The last time, on September 11th, 2014, West Texas Intermediate Crude was trading for about $93 a barrel and then Alberta Finance Minister, Doug Horner, was still predicting a surplus despite increased spending. Thirty months, two finance ministers and one government later, times have definitely changed! Read more
In February 2017, the FMI Vancouver Chapter held a professional development event with a presentation by Gordon Ruth, the current Auditor General for Local Government (AGLG) of British Columbia. He was joined by Shahed Khalili, Director of Product Design, and Felix Meyer, Senior Specialist, both from ACL. Mr. Ruth discussed the work of the AGLG and elaborated on some of their cases.   Read more
News From National Office 2
Is spring really upon us? One cannot be quite sure. One day it is 7⁰ above and the next 23⁰ below… the snow is either melting or it's snowing again! Whatever the weather, FMI National is still rolling full steam ahead; tackling existing projects, taking on new initiatives, and planning for an exciting future.  Read more


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