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e-Journal May 2016


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Upcoming Events



June 2: Manitoba Chapter's PD Lunch "New Manitoba is Out There" with Wilf Falk, Chief Statistician of Manitoba

June 7: Fredericton Chapter "Managing Uncertainties" with Bailey Church of KPMG

June 7: FMI-Capital Chapter PD Day "How Government Works - Financial Management Process ... " at the Château Laurier Hotel

June 15:  IGF-Montréal's Prestiges luncheon "Agile Leadership" with Nathalie Miller of Le Groupe3

June 16: IGF-Québec PD lunch "Strategic Directions Outlook" with Guylaine Leclerc, Auditor General of Québec

June 22:  FMI-CC Annual Year-End Social and Networking Event at the National Arts Centre



Industry Roundup

Oil prices hit US$50 a barrel on Thursday for the first time in seven months, then bounced below that level and settled lower on the day as investors worried robust price gains could encourage more output and add to the global glut.  Read morePdf


Bombardier Inc's Delta sale signals 'beginning of the end' of Boeing-Airbus duopoly: Moody's
Bombardier Inc. has finally joined the big leagues with its recent sale to Delta Air Lines Inc., signalling the "beginning of the end" of Boeing Co. and Airbus Group's duopoly...
PdfRead more


The devastating wildfires in northern Alberta and Saskatchewan will put Canada's GDP into negative territory this quarter as oil production is cut back, but there is no need to change monetary policy, the Bank of Canada says.
PD Week 2016


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May 30, 2016


Feature Articles

Tips for Introverts in an Extroverted World
Marion Grobb Finkelstein
Photodune -12081663-thoughtful -businessman -looking -away -in -office -s Have you ever been caught off guard in a crowded boardroom by an unexpected question shot your way? Ouch, feel the burn of the hot seat. Or how about when chatting with clients, do you find yourself fighting to get a word in edgewise? After several attempts, you just give up and stop talking completely.  Read more

A Handy Tool for Career Management Borrowed from Physics
Ward Roofthooft, Ph.D.

Photodune -14223164-up -the -career -ladder -smThe law of 19th century physicist Poiseuille is formulated here as a fraction of "F", the Flow Rate of a liquid through a tube. Elements in the numerator i) pressure gradient and ii) tube radius are boosters of the Flow Rate. Elements in the denominator i) viscosity of the liquid and ii) length of the tube are inhibitors. Similar boosters and inhibitors can be used for career management and can be interpreted in career strategy and tactics. Strategy seeks a fit between the organization's objectives and the employee's life goals. Tactics describe the types of training and development programs to achieve this fit.  Read more

Chapter News From

In mid-May, the PEI Chapter launched a survey to its membership which will assist with planning of future events. The survey has been designed to gather feedback to improve future PD offerings based on topics and types of events.   Read more

On April 13th, IGF-Québec was privileged to have Robert Lafrenière, Commissioner of the Permanent Anti-Corruption Unit (UPAC), speak at its PD event. The Commissioner, who was appointed on March 16, 2011, had previously served as Deputy Minister in the Department of Public Security, after rising through the ranks during his successful career at the Sûreté du Québec.  Read more

Spring has arrived in the National Capital Region! The FMI Capital Chapter has three informative events taking place before the close of another successful program year, taking advantage of the various venues Ottawa has to offer.  Read more

Ontario Chapter Reboot - The FMI Ontario Chapter, established in 2006 with support from the Office of the Provincial Controller, finds itself ten years later in need of renewal. Our new two-tiered board structure will enable volunteers to offer their expertise without feeling overtaxed.   Read more

With one of the mildest winters in recent history behind us and an early spring to motivate us, FMI Manitoba got busy preparing for its learning events. This spring, the Manitoba Chapter hosted two well-received luncheon events on "Recovery and Wellness" and "Big Data Analytics".  Read more 

On March 23rd, Cpl. John Golden from the Commercial Crime Unit of the Regina Police Service spoke at the Regina Chapter's breakfast session on Corporate Fraud Awareness. The session explored the different types of fraud that can occur within an organization, focusing on credit card fraud.   Read more

The Edmonton Chapter is on summer hiatus, but that does not mean it is not thinking about next year! Mark your calendars for FMI-Edmonton's professional development events in the fall.   Read more

In March 2016, the FMI National Registration System was rolled out to Vancouver Chapter. The first order of business was to update attendee and invoice information for the Chapter's February 23rd PD event. So far, users have given it thumbs up!  Read more

Spring has officially sprung and FMI Victoria's 2015-2016 year is slowly coming to an end. First and foremost the Victoria Chapter would like to send their thoughts and prayers to the people in Fort McMurray, Alberta who have been and may continue to be impacted by raging wildfires.   Read more

News From National Office 2
Well Spring has finally arrived in the Nation's Capital… along with a plethora of construction projects just to remind everyone to "hurry up and wait". As usual, the FMI National team is hard at work preparing for PSMW 2016 in St. John's.   Read more