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e-Journal October 2015


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Upcoming Events

November 5: South-East New Brunswick Chapter Morning Learning Session

November 6: Fredericton Chapter PD Workshop "Systems Transformations: Consolidation and Centralization"

November 17: Manitoba Chapter's PD Event "Artistry in Coaching"

November 18: Edmonton Chapter PD Event "The Crane: Edmonton's Official Bird?"

December 3: IGF-Québec half-day thematic session


PD Week 2015


Industry Roundup

Over the past year, Canadians' obsession with the rate of inflation, and its impact on everyday goods, has been slipping a bit off the radar. And, perhaps, that's where the Bank of Canada would like it to remain.  


Bombardier loses $4.9B US in 3rd quarter; Quebec to invest $1B US in CSeries program
Bombardier posted a loss of $4.9-billion US for the third quarter because of writedowns to its CSeries and Learjet 85 aircraft programs, and announced the Quebec government will take a 49 per cent stake in the CSeries program to get the project over the finish line.
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The U.S. Federal Reserve left its key interest rate unchanged today, but economists and analysts parsing the statement say the more hawkish tone puts a December rate hike back on the radar. PdfRead more

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October 29, 2015


Feature Articles

Strategy & Leadership for the Replacement Economy
Doug Macnamara


Photodune -6544920-leadership -and -business -vision -s The End of Growth? Possibly, But Also Major Shifts and Re-Thinking Required
"Growth" has been the mantra of all my years in business, volunteer service and personal/family living. Indeed it has become so inculcated over the past 40 years within North America plus Asia and somewhat in Europe; that we don't even stop to think about the underlying tenets that created growth economies after WW2. 
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The Qualities of Good Leaders
Sheila Fraser



Personal Values
When I think of leadership, I begin by reflecting on a time when I was, quite literally, in the pasture. I ponder how those values and leadership qualities I learned as a child have influenced my work values. 
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Book Review "Lean for the Public Sector: The Pursuit of Perfection in Government Services"
Reviewed by Michele Peach


51+lvm 8Tis L._SX342_BO1,204,203,200_The term "perfectionist" is often used with a negative connotation. That being said, is striving for perfection the thing to do, especially in the public sector? And is it attainable? In Lean for the Public Sector, Bert Teeuwen admits you will never attain the perfect situation and changes are constant but aim for perfection nevertheless and the result is continuous improvement. I believe him. This book is a must read for all public sector leaders - federal, provincial and local.   Read more

Chapter News From

St. John's
2014-2015 was a highly successful year for the St. John's Chapter. A total of nine sessions were hosted with an average of 80 attendees at each, and ending the year with a membership count of 155. This success is due, in no small part, to a dedicated Board of Directors.  Read more
South-East New Brunswick
The SENB Chapter held its AGM and first professional development learning session of 2015-2016 on September 23, 2015. Guest speakers were Jacques Dubé, City Manager and John Martin, Chief Financial Officer of the City of Moncton.  Read more
After an incredible summer here in New Brunswick's Capital City, Fredericton Chapter members are putting away the beach towels and sunglasses, and are back into the swing of things. fmi*igf Fredericton hosted a successful and well-attended Annual General Meeting on September 15th.  Read more

IGF-Québec's Annual Meeting of members was held on September 16th at the Observatoire de la Capitale whereby the President of IGF-Québec presented the activity report for the 2014-2015 year.  Read more

The new 2015-2016 season at IGF-Montréal began with the arrival of several new Board members. Members of last year's Board of Directors-Alexandre Cavuoti, President; Elisabeth Silva, Treasurer; and, Catherine Dickner, Youth Wing-all renewed their commitment for the 2015-2016 season.  Read more

The FMI-Capital Chapter has lined up an exciting 2015-2016 PD Day Program Year. FMI-CC's annual social and networking event to launch the FMI-CC Program Year held on September 24th, had an excellent turnout of Chapter members including many CFOs, DCFO's and CAE's.  Read more

Fall has arrived in Manitoba, and with it comes change: geese are migrating south for the winter; trees are preparing for winter and are turning color; and squirrels are scrambling to gather their acorns for the winter months. There are signs of change all around, particularly true for the Manitoba Chapter of fmi*igf.  Read more 

The Regina Chapter held its AGM on September 21st. Board changes include Veronica Gelowitz as incoming President, Brent Nadon as Vice President, Kathleen Wilde as Treasurer, and Phil Creaser as Past President. Four additional returning directors will provide continuity and effective governance.  To date, there have been 30 member renewals for 2015-2016.  Read more

On September 23, the Edmonton Chapter explored "Fraud Awareness in the Public Sector." A detective from the Edmonton Police Service, experts from Alberta Human Services and the City of Edmonton IT Branch discussed fraud from the personal to the organizational level. In addition, Ray Haywood from PwC, our event co-sponsor, provided their global expertise in assessing and preventing fraud in organizations.  Read more

What a year!!!! After such a successful Public Sector Management Workshop in May, it was time for the FMI Victoria Board and the PSMW 2015 Committee members to take a break. After a lovely recognition event held on July 1th at the PwC Office in Victoria, many Board members took the time to enjoy their summer; and it was a spectacular summer.  Read more

News From National Office 2
Another fiscal year complete, FMI's National is busy finishing up year-end and preparing for the Auditor's visit. Well Fall is upon us again and we've already had flurries. The 2015-2016 prediction "El Nino to promote one of warmest winters on record" leaves hope. FMI National office is in full gear preparing for its upcoming flagship event, PD Week 2015, which will take place from November 24th to 27th at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa.  Read more