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Fredericton Chapter News

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After an incredible summer here in New Brunswick's Capital City, Fredericton Chapter members are putting away the beach towels and sunglasses, and are back into the swing of things. fmi*igf Fredericton hosted a successful and well-attended Annual General Meeting on September 15th. Milt Isaacs, President of the Association of Canadian Financial Officers (ACFO) presented an eye opening and informative presentation on "Globalization and the Impact on the Public Service." Mr. Isaacs touched on issues such as falling corporate tax rates, why opportunities to avoid those taxes have increased, and why broad-scale corruption has further eroded both the public's confidence in corporations and the ability of governments to sustain themselves.

Also during the September General Meeting, President Amy Wesenberg, presented the Annual Report which highlights issues such as the Fiscal 2014-2015 Financial Statements, and the 2015-2016 Budget amongst others. The Fredericton Chapter welcomed their new 2015-2016 Board of Directors:  Amy Wesenberg, President; Melinda Pedersen, Vice-President; Shawn Johnson, Past President; Xiaoling Zhang, Treasurer; Tanya Johnson, Secretary; Valeri Perry, Communication and Marketing; Mitchell Carr, Chapter Development and Membership; Rodney Chase, Events and Logistics; Daniel Picard, Speakers; Michael Melanson, Orientation; and Andrew Law, Director at Large. Many thanks and appreciation to the Chapter's outgoing Board Members - Marc, Carol, Shana, Nick, and Nicole. The contribution of volunteers is an invaluable resource to the fmi*igf's yearly programming.

Next up on the docket, fmi*igf Fredericton will be a hosting a PD event to highlight the GNB system integration, presented by Senior Staff of the Department of Finance. This is slated for early November.

Make sure to check the web site regularly for updates of upcoming events, dates, and details.

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September 2015: FMI Eastern Regional Director, Christine Robichaud; Fredericton Chapter President, Amy Wesenberg; and Guest speaker, ACFO's Milt Isaacs.

Fredericton Board

2015-2016 fmi*igf Fredericton Chapter Board of Directors.
Standing (l-r): Shawn Johnson, Valeri Perry, Daniel Picard, Rodney Chase, Xiaoling Zhang, Andrew Law and Mitchell Carr. Sitting: Amy Wesenberg and Melinda Pedersen. Absent from photo: Tanya Johnson et Michael Melanson.

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For more information on the Fredericton Chapter, The Peter Wolters Memorial Scholarship, and PD events in 2014-2015, please visit www.fmi.ca/chapters/fredericton.