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Fall has arrived in Manitoba, and with it comes change: geese are migrating south for the winter; trees are preparing for winter and are turning color; and squirrels are scrambling to gather their acorns for the winter months. There are signs of change all around. It is particularly true for the Manitoba Chapter of fmi*igf.
On September 24th, the Manitoba Chapter hosted their annual AGM luncheon. This was an opportunity to review 2014-2015 accomplishments and financial position, as well as to introduce the new Board of Directors and present the 2015-2016 program. But before that could be done, good-byes were extended to some very dedicated individuals who decided to step down from the Board at this time. The Manitoba Chapter sadly said good-bye to Iding Sanchez, long-time Web Co-ordinator and recent mother of a baby boy, and Richard Decka, former Treasurer and comic relief. Both Iding and Richard served many years as Board members and their hard work and dedication was much appreciated.

L CA Chapter Board member since 2005, Lynn Cowley has also elected to step down. She has served as Vice President, President, Past President and Western Regional Liaison. Lynn has left her mark on the organization at both the regional and the national level, and her presence will be missed. She still continues to serve as member of the fmi*igf National Board as Director, Product Development and Review. Fortunately, cut out photos of Lynn will be making an appearance at Chapter meetings to remind everyone of her hard work and dedication and to keep the group on track. Thank you Lynn, Richard and Iding. All the best in your endeavors.

The Manitoba Chapter has had the great fortune to welcome three new Board members this year: Gene Vlahakos from the City of Winnipeg; and, Jordan Dunnigan and Jessica Landry, both with the Province of Manitoba. The Chapter looks forward to the beginning a new year.

On that note, the theme for 2015-2016 is Added Value. Upcoming events include: Milt Isaacs, President of the Association of Financial Officers who will be presenting "Building a Sustainable Society"; Sharon O'Leary, an independent consultant who will be presenting "Artistry in Coaching"; and, Jim Silver, a University of Winnipeg Professor of Urban and Inner City studies who will be presenting on the topic of Inner City issues in Winnipeg. Now don't you all wish you were in Manitoba!


For more information on the Manitoba Chapter's events and activities, please visit www.fmi.ca/chapters/manitoba.