Results of fmi*igf 2020 Board Election

Submitted by Athena Dinos on Monday June 8, 2020 18:00 EST

On behalf of the fmi*igf Board, thank you to everyone who submitted nominations and participated in the elections process. A special thank you to the Nominating Committee, members Linda Dow and Valmond Bourque, as well as the election scrutineer, Frank Hodgson of fmi*igf National Office.

fmi*igf holds annual elections at PD Week for positions that have come to term.  The 2019 election of Directors in November was postponed and was to be held at a Special Meeting of its members in Halifax on June 8, 2020. Due to C19 restrictions, the in-person election was moved to an electronic vote.

Bylaw Section 11.3 stipulates that twenty-five (25) members of the fmi*igf, from at least six (6) Chapters shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. This rule was applied to the election. Sixty four (64) members representing fourteen (14) chapters completed an election form.   The Election Scrutineer validated the forms and member status. Valid ballots were compiled and the votes counted. Quorum was satisfied. The Vice President was the only position with multiple candidates. The member elected into the position of Vice President won with a total of 53% of the votes.

Please join me in welcoming our new and returning Board members:

  • President – Derek Cockburn
  • Vice President – Sherry Sharpe
  • Secretary / Treasurer – Gary Wuschnakowski
  • Governance – Barb Kelly
  • Central Liaison – Dan Maloley