Barb Kelly

Director of Governance

Barb Kelly B. Admin., CPA CMA

Barbara Kelly, B. Admin, CMA, CPA, has more than 30 years of experience with the federal government, holding financial positions in a variety of departments, including HRDC, Agriculture, INAC and PWGSC.

Barb has been the Senior Financial Advisor with the RCMP’s Depot Division since 2000. In this capacity, she was instrumental in the development and completion of the Academy’s recapitalization program. This program saw the construction of six new buildings and numerous other infrastructure improvements from 2006-2015. During this time, Barb also oversaw the financial operations for the Academy – a period when RCMP cadet training was at its highest level in its 100-plus years.

Barb became a volunteer with the fmi*igf Regina Chapter in 2006, after attending several local events and PSMW in St. John’s. She served the Regina Chapter as vice-president from 2008-2010 and then as president from 2010-2013. In 2013, Barb was appointed as the fmi*igf Western Liaison, which was renamed the Western Regional Director in 2014 under the new fmi*igf governance structure. In November 2016, Barb accepted a one-year fmi*igf National Board position as the Director of Orientation and Onboard Design. In November 2017, Barb was appointed as Director of Governance for the fmi*igf National Board.
Barb enjoys summers at the cottage and vacationing to any southern climate during Saskatchewan’s winters.