Do I have to register for both days?

No – we offer 1 and 2 day passes. We know that time out of office isn’t always easy, so we are happy to offer different pass types to work with your schedule and accommodate your training needs.

Can I share my registration/pass with another person?

Pass sharing is not allowed at PSMW. Should you wish to cancel your registration, or give it to a colleague, please contact registrar@fmi.ca to make the change.

Can another person be substituted for my individual registration if I can no longer attend?

You bet! Keep in mind that they will be registered for the same day(s) that are tied to your original registration. If you wish to request any changes please submit your request by email to registrar@fmi.ca.

For onsite changes, please send an email with the contact details of the person who will be replacing you to registrar@fmi.ca authorizing the change. The person attending will be asked to proceed to the registration desk to show a valid piece of ID and the copy of the authorization email to pick up their badge.