Nov 17, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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Embracing Disruption and Transforming the Future

Cheryl Cran
Future of Work Expert

In these disruptive times we are all dealing with many challenges including being adaptable to disruption, transforming through disruption and dealing with the remote work reality.

The new normal of work requires leaders and teams to be able to lead change, to navigate uncertainty and to engage and motivate yourself and others.

In this keynote with future of work expert Cheryl Cran you will discover eye opening and inspiring ways to look at the ongoing disruptions as an opportunity to transform.

In this keynote presentation you will learn:

  • How Covid and social change disruptions are forever changing the way we work and how we work
  • The top skills workers need to develop in order to increase the ability to lead change and influence decision makers
  • How to convert the learnings of disruption into tools for transformation
  • A look into the new normal of work with relevant case studies and examples of what others are doing in similar industries
  • How to leverage the PREDICT model as a resource for both personal change and to help others through change
  • Inspiring ideas on how to focus on key elements of a transformation culture for personal motivation

Cheryl Cran is a future of work expert and founder of NextMapping a future of work consultancy. She is the author of 9 books including, “NextMapping – Anticipate, Navigate and Create The Future of Work” with companion workbook.

Her work has been featured in Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Vancouver Sun, Business in Vancouver, GlobalTV, Business Network and other media. Cheryl’s clients include BMO, Amazon, Upwork, Raytheon, US Navy, Government of Canada, Homeland Security and many more.

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Feb 23, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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Hyperfocus: How to Be More Productive in a World of Distraction

Chris Bailey
Productivity & Performance Expert

The research is clear — the state of our attention determines the state of our lives. Yet our attention has never been as overwhelmed or in-demand as it is today. We’ve never been so busy while accomplishing so little, and we’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable with a lack of stimulation and distraction.

Modeled after Chris Bailey’s bestselling new book, Hyperfocus, this talk reveals how effectively managing our attention hinges on working with greater intention, taming stimulating distractions in advance, and strategically unfocusing to take better mind wandering breaks.

Customized to fit the unique needs of your audience, this talk has practical, counterintuitive takeaways, including:

  • How to work with fewer distractions
  • How to take advantage of the dot-connecting powers of your brain in order to work more creatively
  • How working fewer hours can increase your focus
  • How to work with intention and discover your most important tasks
  • How to get more done by making your work harder, not easier
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Oct 15, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

May Masoud
Advisor, Data Sciences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being incorporated into business processes around the world. Large scale decisions made by AI impact organizations, individual end consumers/citizens, as well as society as a whole. In this session we will discuss the risks associated with biased and unethical AI, and a pragmatic framework will be provided to mitigate these risks.

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Oct 22, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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Data Trust: Unlock Value from Data with Confidence

Sajith Nair
Partner & National Leader - Cybersecurity, Privacy and Financial Crime

Jordan Prokopy
National Privacy Practice Leader

Organizations are collecting and creating an unprecedented amount of sensitive information (e.g. citizen data, classified data, research data, proprietary data) to use and share. Increasing concerns on privacy and cyber risks however creates doubts for organizations as they use data, resulting in either missed opportunities or privacy/cyber breaches. In this presentation we will discuss how leading organizations are approaching Data Trust to unlock value from data in a secure and ethical manner by integrating privacy, data protection and data governance practices across the enterprise.

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Oct 29, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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Financial Crimes and the Risks Within

Jen Dunham, CFE
Principal Solution Specialist, Fraud & Security Intelligence Division

Amanda Holden
National Executive, Fraud & Security Intelligence

Theory tells us that fraud and financial crimes occur when three factors are present: motivation (or pressure), opportunity and rationalization. This session will look at the what and why of fraud and financial crimes. We will also zoom into internal threats within public sector and how data and analytics can reduce the risk of fraud within.

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Mobilizing People

Nov 5, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST


Orlando Bowen
Game Changer & Motivational Speaker

Orlando shares how to use the unexpected challenges that life can bring as fuel for new beginnings. When the game is on the line, it’s not about the acknowledgement of the fact that we will all face challenges. It’s all about taking the energy from those challenges and channeling them in a way that positively affects ones environment.

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Nov 12, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

Social Finance

Aleeya Velji
Sr. Specialist Innovation and Research

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Nov 19, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

The People Impact of RPA

Speaker to be Announced Soon

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Economic Update

Nov 26, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

Investing in the Next Economy

Tim Nash

COVID-19 has caused dramatic changes to the Canadian economy. Every sector is impacted, and companies are being forced to evolve. Tim Nash, Founder of Good Investing, presents his take on the economic impacts of COVID-19 and the likely path forward for governments and investors. 

Topics covered:

  • widening income inequality
  • disconnect between wall street and main street
  • government and central bank responses to systemic risk  
  • how climate change will impact the economy
  • the rise of environmental, social, governance (ESG) data analysis
  • impact investments (green bonds, community bonds, social impact bonds)
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Dec 3, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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Balancing Budgets After Covid: Fiscal & Accounting Challenges

Umar Saeed
M.Acc., CPA, CA, Partner

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Dec 10, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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COVID-19 - The Evolving Global Impact & Fiscal Policy Response

Alex Metcalfe
Head of Public Sector

Michael Taylor
Chief Economist

The global economy is now emerging from its worst recession in decades caused by containment measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But how sustainable is the recovery and what are the long-term effects of the economic shock caused by the response to the COVID-19 health crisis?

Join ACCA’s Chief Economist Michael Taylor and Head of Public Sector, Alex Metcalfe as they discuss the impact of the coronavirus on the global economy. They’ll reflect on the nature and timing of the recovery, as well as the unique role financial professionals must play in supporting government decision-making and managing the new liabilities created through COVID-19.

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Jan 14, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

Speak with Impact and Presence: High Impact Presentation Skills

Christine Felgueiras
President & Program Leader

Exemplary presentation and public speaking skills are key to being perceived as top talent potential and leadership material. In this interactive session, participants will gain immediately applicable skills and techniques needed to increase their confidence and performance when presenting to any audience regardless of the venue or format.

Key Takeaways:

  • Master the art of structuring any presentation for the greatest effect and audience impact
  • Learn how to captivate, gain credibility and quickly build rapport with any audience
  • Leverage presentation anxiety to fuel your enthusiasm and passion when speaking
  • Use body language to strengthen and enhance your delivery style
  • Avoid “death by PowerPoint”!
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Jan 21, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

Effective Communication Strategies During Uncertain Times: Dealing with Communication Challenges, Bias, and Team Conflict

Beverly Beuermann-King
Mental Health and Resiliency Expert

Interpersonal communication skills are essential workplace skills. Communication—how, what, and when—can be a significant hurdle to convey during stressful times, and even more critical during chaos, crisis, and uncertainty. How do you ensure that you are delivering your key messages in a way that can be heard and understood by your team as you move forward through these uncertain times?


Interpersonal communication skills can be challenging to develop, and they take conscious effort and ongoing practice to improve. During chaos, crisis, and turmoil our communications skills can be tested and if not focused on, can lead to negativity, distrust, misunderstandings, conflict, and increased stress.

Research is showing that many admit they were unprepared for the level, the needed consistency, and the new mediums required for communicating during this crisis.  The resulting lack of communication caused fear with employees, decreased productivity, and reduced engagement. Going forward, those leaders who continue to focus on effective communication are far more likely to have an engaged, productive team around them.

Why should you attend:

Successful people know that strong, effective interpersonal communication skills can create a sense of stability and predictability, lower stress and anxiety, and build trust and creativity. The key is to recognize what effective communication looks like, and how to deliver and connect during times of crisis and uncertainty. By focusing on the necessary interpersonal communication skills that are needed during these times of uncertainty and change you will be able to develop a productive, collaborative, and respectful work environment.

Discover how to effectively communicate with your team as they respond to challenges, and cope through change. 

Create a communication strategy that focuses on clarity.

Learn to choose the most effective strategies that will help your team stay engaged, balance the uncertainty, and build resilience.

Key Messages:

  • Everyone has a communication bias.
  • Every word has a different meaning to different people, and these are coloured by people’s values and background.
  • It is difficult to get total clarity.
  • You can mitigate stress and the unknown with genuine, authentic, consistent, and more frequent communication.  
  • The best leaders understand that their team and customers can handle bad news. What they cannot handle is no news. 
  • Communication with employees needs to be increased during times of crisis, especially with a remote workforce. 
  • Even the most self-motivated employee needs more frequent communication, encouragement, and feedback in high-stress environments.
  • Communication is a two-way street.  


Participants will:

  • Focus on the various barriers to effective interpersonal communication during crisis including:
    • Physical barriers, such as not being unable to see or hear the speaker properly, or language difficulties
    • Emotional barriers, such as not wanting to hear what is being said or engage in that discussion, and how various emotions can get in the way of communicating, including anger and aggression, or stress
    • Expectations and prejudices that affect what people see and hear
    • Difficult Conversations, such as when you must have an unpleasant conversation with a team member
  • Analyze what communication styles and persuasion strategies are your preferred techniques and evaluate what other strategies might be helpful in adding to your repertoire.
  • Understand how issues in communication can be based on differences in values, beliefs, and expectations.
  • Learn how problem-solving techniques can be employed to resolve conflicts and disagreements.
  • Develop an understanding for those exhibiting negative communications and behaviours during change and chaos to effectively meet their needs and move the interactions forward.


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Jan 28, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

Best Practices for Communicating Financial Information

Jamie Black

Annual Reports and Budget Books are large, complex documents. They attempt to communicate a lot of information to the reader either about the past or outlines of plans for the future. This information is of critical importance if council and senior management are to make the right decisions. This presentation will provide examples of what can go wrong when data isn’t communicated well. It will outline some of the best practices designed to ensure that your financial reports provide as much valuable information in as useful a format as possible.

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Feb 4, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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Embedding Innovation Practices in a Public Sector Setting

Miki Stricker-Talbot
Unlearning Facilitator

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Feb 11, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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Understanding Mental Health and Wellness in Times of Stress

Dr. Shimi Kang
Award-Winning Harvard-Trained Physician | Bestselling Author | Global Social Entrepreneur

The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly changed our lives in countless ways, leading to increased stress, worry, and challenge for all of us. In these difficult times, it’s also important to build a deeper understanding of the human mind, wellness, and mental health. A recent Angus Reid survey shows that 50% of people feel their mental health has become a little or a lot worse since the pandemic began.

Dr. Shimi Kang takes audiences on a fascinating journey through the latest neuroscience, medical research, and practical tools to help leaders, teams, and organizations achieve better wellness, motivation, adaptability, and innovation to best meet the demands of the weeks and months to come.

Audiences will learn:

  • The latest scientific frameworks to best understand wellness, motivation, mental health, and addictions.
  • Mental health risk factors, and signs and symptoms in the workplace (online and offline).
  • Practical tools drawn from evidence-based therapies such as mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy, motivational interviewing, dialectic behavior therapy, and more.
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Feb 18, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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Ai and Automation

Speaker to be Announced Soon

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