Urvashi Dhawan-Biswal


Urvashi Dhawan-Biswal Senior Director, Digital Design Branch, Digital Transformation

Service Sector, Innovation, Science and Economic Development

Urvashi Dhawan-Biswal is Senior Director of the Digital Design Branch at Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED), where she is leading the design of better digital government services for Canadian business using agile and people-centred methods. She joined ISED in April 2018 and in her role is introducing experience design as a new function in ISED.

Urvashi was previously the Director of the Innovation Lab at Employment and Social Development Canada where she and her team used human-centred design and
behavioural insights to develop innovative solutions to policy, program and service delivery challenges. Integrating end-user perspectives right from the outset, Urvashi’s team brought together multi-disciplinary teams with stakeholders to explore problems and develop solutions. Urvashi has expertise in applying behavioural economics/nudges to inform service research, managing randomized control experiments, and leading policy research in multiple domains, as well as building and leading a digital design team to create exceptional digital experiences for Canadian businesses.

Prior to joining the Public Service in 2001, Urvashi spent several years conducting research and teaching Economics at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as at Queen’s University. She completed her master’s and PhD in Economics from Queen’s University, with specialization in Public Finance, Labour and Econometrics.