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Date juin 24, 2021 Heure 14 00 - 15 00 Timezone Heure normale de l'Est (HNE) Section Nationale Emplacement Session virtuelle


Cette série sera présentée en anglais.

Join FMI and our valued partner Accenture as we review CFO trends in transformation; the response or transition impact of COVID, the shift of spending priorities, how to solve the technology deficit, and the impact on the public sector in Canada.

Specifically, our panel will highlight the role of the CFO today and the significance of the response to the current environment.  We will discuss the three main roles that CFOs manage within organizations:

  • Economic Guardian
  • Architect of Value
  • Catalyst of Digital Strategy

As part of the discourse, we will share the findings of the recent CFO Now Survey, which engaged over 1,300 senior finance executives across 15 industries and 14 geographies.  

This session aims to:

  • Understand the CFOs vision for transformation
  • Highlight different catalysts, barriers, and techniques to achieve the vision
  • Guidance from the CFOs on lessons learned
  • Action plan to move towards the finance of the future

Remerciements spéciaux à notre commanditaire


  • Kelly Makway, Managing Director, CFO & Enterprise Value, Accenture

    With 20 years of experience across industry and consulting roles, Kelly is committed to helping Finance organizations challenge ‘the way we have always done it’. As a CPA in Canada and in the US, her fundamentals of design are grounded in efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining compliance. Her passion is to assist strategic CFOs to expand the scope and buy-in for a future-ready finance department – including the tools, analytics and readiness of employees to deliver finance as a service.
    Kelly works with her clients to determine and deliver the Finance vision with technology as the enabler.