Connect with Canada’s Public Sector Financial Management Community Year-Round


fmi*igf webinars are tailor-made to help our sponsors and partners introduce, educate and raise brand awareness within the public sector community. This year, fmi*igf webinars will cover a wide range of topics including: ethics, fraud/big data, leadership, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and public sector infrastructure planning.

These 60-minute webinars allow for in-depth information sharing and are the perfect opportunity to position your organization as a Thought Leader while connecting directly with a highly focused group of public sector participants from all three levels of government.

All webinars are high-quality, focused on thought leadership and produced by the fmi*igf team. In addition to the fmi*igf host, these sessions may feature up to three co-presenters including an executive from the sponsoring organization, a current customer, government department or an industry expert.


  • 60-minute webinar (including audience Q&A) with co-developed content and framework
  • Pre-session rehearsal with fmi*igf content team
  • Social media promotion before and monitoring during and post-session
  • Two pre-event dedicated promotional emails
  • List of registrants (excluding contact information) two days in advance of the scheduled session
  • Complete list of registrants following the session – list includes those who attended, those who did not attend and those who accessed the archived version in the following 30-day period.
  • Company logo and link on registration page
  • A copy of the archived  version of the webinar provided to sponsor for continued  promotion

Interested in receiving more information about sponsorship?

Contact Terry Horsman, National Business Development, fmi*igf at