Searching for Financial Management Institute – Capital Chapter

Aspiring Leaders Network Committee Members

If you are looking for a rewarding hands-on learning experience in advancing the professional development of youth and the “Aspiring Leaders Network” in the financial management sector within the National Capital Region, then you may want to consider being a member of the Financial

Management Institute – Capital Chapter (fmi*igf-CC) Aspiring Leaders Network Committee.
Aspiring Leaders Network is an innovative program created to engage young professionals in the financial management field, as well as those emerging (university and college students), interested in learning more with the aim of active engagement in financial management within the public sector.

As a Committee Member, you will play a vital role in:

  • Developing the strategic direction of Aspiring Leaders Network
  • Implementing initiatives to support the strategic objectives
  • Encouraging the involvement of your peers
  • Participating in volunteer opportunities with the rewards of free training
  • Building and managing relationships with financial management stakeholders
  • Consulting with fmi*igf-CC program chairs to include youth issues and learning requirements in fmi*igf-CC program agendas

We are looking for individuals who are interested in learning more about financial management within the public sector, and for individuals who are action-oriented and want to have a direct contribution to the financial management community. The expected time commitment is a 2-year term, which includes a monthly face-to-face committee meeting and approximately 1-2 hours per week of individual responsibilities.

The fmi*igf-CC provides real and relevant professional development in new and emerging trends and best practices in the financial management sector. It also provides communications and networking opportunities to National Capital Region members. As the founding Chapter of the Financial Management Institute of Canada (fmi*igf), fmi*igf-CC has focused on ensuring excellence in the public sector financial management profession since 1962.

If you are a young employed professional, we encourage you to talk to your Manager to engage their support in advance of your application to be part of our Aspiring Leaders Network Committee. An fmi*igf-CC Executive would be pleased to answer any questions your Manager might have about the work involved.

All applications will be reviewed. From those contacted, nominations will be announced to ensure rotational succession on the committee.

To apply, please send a cover letter stating reasons for your interest and your CV to

For more information, please contact FMI- Capital Chapter Administrator at