Past Events

fmi*igf Edmonton Chapter presents: Risk Trends in 2024 and Beyond & AGM

Sandman Signature Edmonton Downtown Hotel March 18, 2024

REGISTRATION CLOSED The Financial Management Institute Edmonton Chapter is pleased to invite you to our IN-PERSON EVENT & AGM Risk Trends in 2024 and Beyond Presented by: Richard Arthurs  Partner, ...


Edmonton Chapter presents: What is our Economic Outlook?

Virtual ZOOM session March 30, 2023

The Financial Management Institute Edmonton Chapter is pleased to invite you to our VIRTUAL EVENT: What is our Economic Outlook in the post-pandemic world? Hosted by Dr. Robert L. Ascah Editor and Contributor: ...


Edmonton Chapter Presents – “The Pandemic’s Guide to Sanity, Success and Significance”

Virtual ZOOM session December 08, 2021

Much of the public services has lived with zero budgets for years.  Service demands have increased with staffing and resources have dropped.  Over the past 2 years, governments have had ...


Edmonton Chapter – “Getting Up to Speed When the Pressure is On”

Virtual Session September 16, 2021

Registration is closed. FMI Edmonton Chapter and CPA Alberta are pleased to invite you to attend: “Getting Up to Speed When the Pressure is On”  Online ZOOM Event Vaccination rates ...


Can We Get Western Canada Ready for The 21st Century?

The Sutton Place Hotel March 04, 2020

Detail Guide Event Poster We live in a world of rapid, intense and unpredictable innovation. The country, and particularly Western Canada, faces a serious dilemma. Rapid innovation will challenge governments ...


Authentic Leadership with David Irvine

The Sutton Place Hotel November 25, 2019

Detail Guide Event Poster We are all, in our own unique way – leaders in our workplaces, our communities, and our homes. Leadership is about earning the trust of the ...


Bright Spots in Alberta’s Economy – Sold Out

Rutherford Room (lower level), Sutton Place Hotel September 25, 2019

While oil and gas has and continues to be a significant factor in the Alberta Economy; ongoing pipeline challenges, recently approved federal legislation and demonstrations by special interest groups underscore now more than ever, the need to diversify our economy. But how do we do this and where do we start? As some would say this is not our first rodeo. As our economy continues to evolve our government and business leaders need to lead the charge by rethinking and reshaping what we have to offer and how we will create a positive environment that supports economic prosperity.


Handling the Challenge of Change – Positively

June 05, 2019

Can change be positive? Why do so many people dread change, resist change and complain about change? Is change as good as a rest or maybe even better? Handling the ...


Supporting Accountability – Meet Our Oversight Agents

February 12, 2019

Public spending and decision making is highly scrutinized by the taxpayers and the media. Fortunately, civil servants are not alone in ensuring strong controls to enhance accountability in government reports ...


Retirement Planning for the Civil Servant

November 28, 2018

Where are you now on your career horizon? Are you just getting started in the public service after completing your technical training or perhaps a degree? Are you mid-way in ...


Alberta: Setting a New Path to Regain Our Competitive Advantage

October 04, 2018

In years gone by there was a common catch phrase that most Albertans will remember, the Alberta Advantage. Those glory days included a provincial economy with low unemployment, higher than ...


Immigration: Exploring Canada’s Open Door Policy

February 22, 2018

The purpose of this event was to broaden attendee’s understanding of Canada’s Immigration policy including the many levels of involvement and collaboration that occurs between government, non-profit organizations and caring ...


Disruptive Writing

November 22, 2017

This fmi*igf event focused on real and potential disruptions and how to navigate change.  Three local authors have each written about this topic from very different perspectives and they described ...


The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

September 19, 2017

The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine: this fmi*igf session was about competition, collaboration, team building, and mining as much ‘gold’ as possible. As much as groups say they are a team ...